I found Nicole Zasowski through her book What If It’s Wonderful? Let go of your fears, choose joy and find courage to celebrate and it touched me in some really deep places. I didn’t expect that a book about parties would make me discover such unexpected things that I have to process in my life.

In her book and this podcast episode, Nicole shares her story of five miscarriages and how that struggle made her stop hoping and just live in constant fear and dread of the unknown. She candidly shares what it looked like to lose hope and feel so overwhelmed with discouragement. Then she shares practical suggestions for pursuing joy and finding the courage to hope again.

Whether you are in a dark pit of despair or just would like to experience more joy and celebration and hope in your life, I think this episode will really encourage you!

In this episode

[00:34] – Welcome to a new episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[01:28] – I’m just getting to know Nicole Zasowski and I’m asking her to introduce herself to our audience.

[02:03] – I ask Nicole what inspired her to write this book.

[04:24] – How did you go about acknowledging that you were not allowing yourself to experience joy?

[06:00] – I ask Nicole to speak to the woman who is going through a miscarriage or a difficult time and feels hopeless.

[08:48] – How did you deal with the “everyone gets what I want” season?

[12:13] – What does it practically look like to enjoy the present moment?

[19:18] – The difference between feelings that are true and are true.

[21:29] – How do you live in that moment and see the beauty, when it feels like you are in the fog and it is dark?

[28:28] – Nicole ends us by encouraging the woman who wants to find a way to enjoy the here and now.

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