What do you do when your engagement party is over and have many leftover decorations?

Although your wedding is a separate event, that doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire decoration supply to make the event distinct.

Instead, you can reuse your engagement party decorations with clever and creative finesse. Your guests won’t even notice unless you tell them!

This way, you can save money and the planet by keeping a more modest budget and minimizing resource wastage.

So keep reading to learn more. We’ll explain a few great ways to transform your engagement party decorations!

  1. Different Chair Covers

Using different chair covers for your seating, or any furniture, will offer a new wedding setup with minimal extra cost. Chairs can get pretty expensive, especially when you’re trying to seat an entire guest list.

For that reason, it’s smart to swap or add chair covers for your seating arrangements. Your guests will hardly recognize that they’ve sat in these chairs before!

Unless you’re going for the premium options, chair covers can be as affordable as $2 apiece. Compare that to a white wicker chair, whose cheapest price tag can run as high as $40. Even if you go for more unique chair covers, most are much cheaper than a brand new chair.

You don’t need to restrict this tip to chairs, of course. Tables, pedestals, sofas, and other pieces of furniture can be newly covered too. This will allow your guests to enjoy a garden tea party wedding that doesn’t resemble its engagement counterpart.

  1. Cupcake Stands

Confections at a wedding shower are pretty much required. And just because you had cupcakes at your engagement party doesn’t mean that they’re not an option for your wedding anymore!

Out of all things, guests will hardly scrutinize your cupcake stands. Sure, using cupcake stands for wedding purposes means that they should look great and feel sturdy. But if you’re repurposing them for your wedding, you can easily renew their aesthetic.

First, different cupcake flavors and cupcake linings will anchor guests’ eating experience anyway. Drawing more attention to the cupcakes themselves through piping decorations will do this job even better!

However, you can still further repurpose these stands by adding 3d flower and leaf stickers. When done well, these stickers can cement the tone for your garden party wedding.

  1. Light Placement

Lighting sources are crucial while hosting a party for setting the mood. They create ambiance and highlight beautiful parts of the venue. Of course, these lights also allow guests to immerse themselves in the event.

If you’ve got some fairy lights and solar-powered lanterns left over from your engagement party, don’t put them away! You can still use them for a wedding party, albeit with different placements.

Most likely, your guests will hardly notice anyway since many weddings use similar lighting sources. But if you’d like to make them even more unique, you can adjust them according to your venue.

Fairy lights are particularly versatile. You can put fairy lights in jars and set them on tables for central lighting for guests. Drape these beautiful lights against the wall and pin photography on the fairy light line to showcase the couples’ great memories so far.

Electric candles can also offer a beautiful glow. But if you’d like to differentiate them from when they were at the party, stick them in paper lanterns and/or glass bowls. Scatter these around the party, and you’ve turned something mechanical into something stunning.

  1. Glasses as Decoration

Eyeing different champagne flutes than the ones you had at the party? Luckily, there’s a way to be able to use different types of glasses and not break the bank. While you enjoy different glassware for your wedding, the ones you used at your wedding can still be put to great, decorative use.

One popular and timeless way of using glasses is to use them for floating flower centerpieces. Fill them with water and plop in a beautiful flower! These will add a gorgeous, delicate touch that your guests will surely appreciate.

Got vases from the engagement party? Submerge some fresh greenery in them, adding something fresh and almost tropical to your wedding setup.

You can even repurpose your wine bucket from before, perhaps using it to serve other types of food or drink. Doing so will add a fantastical, rustic touch that sets the mood of your garden party even more.

  1. Painted Wooden Signs

Wooden accents at a rustic-styled wedding are pretty much essential. So if you’ve got some extra wood material lying around from your engagement party, it’s time to put them to good use.

It’s even better if you’ve got the means to cut the wood, treat it, and sand it yourself. Or if you can designate the task to a person you trust. You don’t even need any intricate cuts to put in a unique spin!

Hanging wood signs are versatile in and of themselves. Use them at the entrance, at the back of guests’ seats, or generally around the venue. From there, you can decide whether you want to paint on information or use this opportunity to flex your artistic skills.

Other than that, wood coasters, shelves, and rustic wood benches are all great for your wedding’s theme! A handmade wooden cutting board is also a great touch, especially if you use it to display a charcuterie board that guests will devour. Either way, wood is an incredibly adaptable material that has many potential places in your wedding.

Don’t Throw Away Your Engagement Party Decorations!

Wedding trends come and go, but sustainability is here to stay. Whether you’re looking to tighten your budget or prevent resource wastage, repurposing your engagement party decorations is a great way to do just that!

This guide is meant to explain a few great ways you can reuse your engagement party decorations. If it did, then check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of other decoration ideas for aesthetically inclined readers just like you.