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Developing a strong credit score is key to a strong financial foundation. But building credit history can feel like a Catch-22. You need credit to build a strong credit history, but you need strong credit to get credit. People who have struggled with credit or have no credit history often struggle to get up the credit ladder. Grow Credit is a free loan product designed to help people build their credit scores.

Although banks and credit bureaus view Grow Credit as a typical credit card, the company is not a traditional lender. Users can only pay monthly subscriptions with the card and the card is automatically paid off every month. This allows users to demonstrate low credit utilization and a history of strong credit payments.

People with poor or limited credit history should consider using Grow Credit to boost their credit score. This is how it works.

Grow credit logoApply for a Grow Credit Mastercard and add a digital subscription to the card. Grow Credit reports a $204 line of credit to the three major credit bureaus each month. No interest or fees will be charged to the account. Users can pay a fee for a higher credit limit and more premium subscriptions.

What is growth credit?

Grow Credit is a “starter” credit card designed to help people with poor or limited credit histories quickly gain a foothold in the credit world. To sign up for the credit card, you must have at least one major subscription (such as Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Mint Mobile, etc.). You have to pay for that subscription with the Grow Credit Card.

Each month, Grow Credit automatically pays off your credit card in full. By doing so, it can report low credit usage to the credit bureaus.

What does it offer?

Grow Credit offers a 0% interest and free Mastercard to all US residents 18 years and older who have at least one qualifying subscription. The company reports payments to all three major credit bureaus that can help people rebuild or rebuild their credit.

Easy to qualify

A legal U.S. resident of 18 years or older may be eligible for a Grow Credit Mastercard. The only additional qualifications are having a bank account and a subscription to a digital service. Payment for the digital service must be transferred to the new Grow Credit credit card.

Subscriptions paid automatically via Grow

Grow Credit customers must charge their digital subscription with their Grow Credit credit card. Grow Credit will automatically refund the card by debiting the full amount from your bank account each month. This won’t change your cash flow, but it will allow you to build up your credit – because you already had this existing subscription deducted from your bank account. Now you just use your Grow card to pay for it.

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Difficult to run up credit card bills

Grow Credit users are not tempted to incur huge credit card bills as the Grow Credit credit card is locked down. Users can only use it to pay for one subscription (or the number allowed by the subscription), and that subscription is paid off every month. Grow Credit helps people build their credit without helping them go into debt.

Reports to all three credit bureaus

Grow Credit reports on-time payments and credit limits to all three major credit bureaus. This ensures that other lenders take into account a person’s good credit behavior when a user applies for new credit.

No interest or costs on loans

Grow Credit does not charge interest or fees on its loans. The company charges a membership fee for those seeking higher credit limits on premium subscriptions.

Are there costs?

Grow Credit’s core product is free. Users pay no interest or fees for the core Grow Credit product. With this product, Grow Credit reports an annual credit limit of $204 to the credit bureaus.

However, people who want larger credit limits will have to pay a monthly membership fee.

Credit limit of $204 reported to credit bureaus. Qualify for Grow or Accelerate after 6 months of on-time payments.


$17 Security Deposit (refundable after 12 months)

Same as Build Free. This is a subscription that is an alternative if you are not eligible for Build Free.

$600 annual credit limit and some premium plans.

$1,500 annual credit limit and cell phone service can be added.

How does credit growth compare?

Grow Credit is an excellent credit building app. With no fees or interest, it is perhaps one of the best options for building credit for free. Credit-building loans, such as those offered by Self Lender, are likely to help users build credit faster. However, Grow Credit is the only completely free option that likely also helps users build their credit histories with all three credit bureaus.

How do I open an account?

To create an account, you need to sign up through the Grow Credit website. Users must provide an email address, phone number, name, address, and Social Security number. They also need to associate a specific subscription with the account. Applicants must also link a bank account to a credit account. With Grow Credit, the monthly costs of your subscription are debited from your bank account, so that your account is paid off every month.

Is it safe and secure?

Grow Credit uses encryption and other bank-level security protocols to keep user information safe. The company will only charge those monthly costs of your subscription from your bank account.

How do I contact Grow Credit?

Grow Credit is headquartered in Santa Monica, but the company has no customer locations. Instead, Grow Credit has an online chat option that is staffed by real people.

If you prefer to contact the company through more traditional methods, email the company at or call customer service at 1-888-244-5886.

Is it worth it?

Grow Credit’s free option is an incredible option for those with no credit history or bad credit. It is a step-up option that allows users to build credit history with all three credit bureaus. And they can build credit without paying interest and fees and without being tempted to go deep into credit card debt. While users are unlikely to build credit quickly, regular payments should lead to better credit over time.

However, Grow Credit’s Grow and Accelerate membership probably isn’t worth the cost. These products essentially increase the cost of your long-term monthly subscriptions. Rather than pay for this, after about a year of credit improvements, it’s better to look for introductory credit cards with small credit limits.

If you don’t need help building your credit, you don’t need to open a Grow Credit account. But if you don’t have a good credit score, Grow Credit is probably a good product for you.

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