Are you planning to start growing Lsd strain of Marijuana? This is a great idea because this is one of the high yield weeds that will give you high quality results if you grow it in the right way. Lsd pot offers unique highness meaning that it is not only a perfect option for growers, but also smokers. The strain is named after lysergic acid and diethylamide, which is a drug that is created by Albert Hoffmann in 1938. Little did he know that the drug he had developed was hallucinogenic, until he took it in 1943 and realised these effect. He enjoyed this experience to the extent that he took it in large amount after a few days and got the real experience that the drug provides. The cannabis version of the drug was later created by Barney’s farm in Holland. It is a cross breed of Mazar and skunk. This hybrid strain can either be slightly sativa or indica. 

In case you love Lsd strain and you would like to grow it in your garden, this article offers you a simple guide on how you can do so and enjoy high quality results and high yields. The greatest tip is to test with a little of it and after you get the results, then you can go big later on. Here are some of the things you should know and tips to grow it.

What are effects after taking it?

Lsd strain contains THC content of up to 24 percent. With this high level content of THC, it means that it is highly potent making it not a great choice for those doing it for the first time. Despite that it may contain 2 to 5 percent CBD content; this may not be enough to counteract the effects that THC may have. The strain offers a strong cerebral high, and instead of providing you with energy, it gives you a relaxing experience before the indica effects take control. 

Lsd strain is usually used as an analgesic because those take it report feeling elevated; to the extent that they can no longer feel pain they normally feel. It rewards the users with euphoric high moods, and also inspires creativity. 

Challenges when growing Lsd cannabis strain 

When it comes to challenges when growing this strain, you do not face many difficulties. It is viewed as one of the simplest marijuana strain to grow even for beginners.  One of its advantages is that it is highly resistant to pests and parasites. The most important thing for you to do is to ensure that you feed the plants in the right way. Besides, you can expect to get high yields if the humidity level is well managed. You are also supposed to prune it regularly to minimize the risks of mold growth. 

Right growing methods to get high yields 

Lsd is the best type to check if you are good in pruning. Application of the right pruning techniques helps increase the yields to a great extent. One of its characteristics is that it does not grow tall, but it may get bushy and thick if allowed. A great technique to help get more auxin is to top the plant. Auxin is known to boost the growth of the pot. You are required to prune the low branches to make sure that the energy is focused on the bigger buds found above. 

Topping the plants involves removing the top at the stem in between the nodes. At the top of the plant, it forms a pair of main colas.  You can make use of low stress training to make sure that the branches are tied down and develop more colas. The new colas spread out more evenly. This is a method that stresses the plant a little and takes several days to recover and begin to grow again. 

What yields should you expect from Lsd strain?

Lsd marijuana strain produces high yields whether it is grown outdoors or indoors. For every single square meter you can expect to harvest twenty one ounces. When it comes to outdoor growing, your Lsd strain plant will yield eighteen ounces if it gets a high amount of sunshine. If you plant it outdoors, it also means that you will enjoy harvesting your plant earlier. 

Whether it is worth growing own LSD weed seeds is determined by the amount that you want to use. For medicinal purposes, you will note that cultivation will save you a lot of money in the long run. This is because the strain is sold at a very high rate by different dispensaries. 

How to feed Lsd strain

The strain can thrive by moderate feeding. To get the best results, it is advisable you grow it in an organic soil that contains a wide range of ingredients such as bat guano and worm castings.  These types of soils have various nutrients that are needed for your plant to thrive. Some of the other important nutrients necessary for the growth of Lsd strain include potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous. You can also opt to buy readymade fertilizers you can get from your local stores. 

Do you plant indoors or outdoors?

In case you want versatility, Lsd strain is the best option for you to grow. It is a strain that can thrive well whether you plant it indoors or outdoors.  Most of those who grow it at home usually prefer doing it indoors because it is easy to control climate and prevent aspects such as pests and excess moisture. This is also due to limitation of space since not everyone has a lot of space to do the planting.

Flowering period 

Lsd strain has a flowering period ranging from seven to eight weeks. This makes it one of the quickest growing marijuana strains. During harvest time, you need to make use of clean tools. This ensures that you do not expose the plants to toxic substances or bacteria that can ruin your plant. Do not use clippers when cultivating because they can also cause damage to your plants.