The first movie theaters opened in 1905 and were a hallmark of the entertainment world for over a century. Now, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many popular brands have closed their doors for good.

Does this mean the movie theater experience has to end? Not at all! Even if you have limited space, there’s no reason why you can’t create a DIY theater at home.

Thanks to our favorite streaming services, home theaters are here to stay. Here are five tips for how to build a home theater that you and all your friends will love.

  1. Consider Your Seating Layout

If you’re tight on space (or you just love to get cozy on the couch), an oversized U-shaped sectional is a terrific choice. Or you could line up plush recliners or love seats in a semi-circle around the screen.

For a more traditional moviehouse experience, consider adding different levels to create cinema-style seating. Create two or three rows of individual seats in the form of recliners, love seats, or Art-Deco-inspired armchairs. 

Another fun idea? Bean bags chairs! These are especially popular with the kiddos, and they’re easy to move around too. 

  1. Choose the Right Screen

A projector screen is part of the ultimate home theater setup — but only invest in one if you have the space and the budget. You can have an equally stellar movie night with a flatscreen HD TV.

Get the biggest screen you can afford or (pro tip) move your seating closer so the screen seems larger. Don’t make the rookie mistake of hanging the screen too high or else everyone will end up with neck aches. Instead, the screen should sit near eye level when everyone is seated comfortably.

  1. Upgrade Your Speakers

Whether you’re watching an epic superhero battle or your favorite musical, you need a quality sound system to capture that movie theater experience.

A surround system with a subwoofer, like the kind American Bass sells, will provide all the sound quality you could ever want. If you’re on a tighter budget, pair some high-quality Bluetooth speakers with your Smart TV.

  1. Hang Movie Theater Posters

What would a movie theater be without those iconic posters on the walls?

Transform your home theater into a work of art by hanging framed posters of your favorite movies (current or vintage) along the walls. If there’s a hallway leading to your theater room, add more posters there and accent them with decorative sconces.

  1. Add a Snack & Drink Bar

To complete your home theater setup, you’ve gotta have your favorite snacks and drinks readily available.

Invest in an old-time popcorn machine or, at the very least, have a microwave nearby to keep the popcorn flowing. Grab a bar cart and stock it with your favorite candy bars and sodas.

You can also include an “adult” version with a fully-stocked liquor cabinet so you can enjoy a fancy cocktail during movie nights.

Home Theaters: Keeping the Movie Experience Alive

If you have space for a theater room at home, why not go all-out with some of these creative ideas for home theaters? With an amazing home theater setup, you can enjoy all your favorite flicks without having to go anywhere!

Now that you know how to design a home theater, what next? Before you switch over to Nextflix, keep browsing our site for more informative articles like this one.