The average house sells in just under 50 days, according to July 2021 data. But you imagine selling your home much faster than that. And that’s why you’ve sought out this home selling guide — how can you make a deal happen as quickly as possible? 

Fortunately, there are things you can do — with or without a real estate agent — that can help your property move quickly. Ready to best the housing market and sell your abode fast? Here are our six best tips. 

  1. Clean Your Home to a Shine

There’s nothing that buyers hate more than walking into a potential property and seeing that it’s dingy or downright dirty. So, start your journey by deep-cleaning your house — every room counts. 

After you deep-clean the property, be sure to keep things neat and clean before every viewing. You won’t need to do much if you start with an exhaustive cleaning at the beginning. Still, before every visit, you should: 

  • Wipe down and de-clutter kitchen countertops
  • Clean appliances and organize cabinets 
  • Organize closets
  • Re-clean bathrooms so they’re sparkling
  • Check walls for scuffs and scrub away any lines that have appeared
  • Wipe any corners in the floor where dust gathers

These little steps will have your house looking its best every time someone comes to visit, and that will increase the chances that you’ll sell your property fast.

  1. De-Clutter, Too

On that note, you’ll want to evaluate how much stuff you have in your home. If your closets and cabinets are overflowing with stuff, then potential buyers will see one thing: there’s not enough storage space in your home. 

So, be sure to de-clutter your space before you put your home on the market. Focus on bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets. If you want to make your storage seem even more spacious, put seasonal clothes, unused small appliances, etc., somewhere else until you sell your home. 

De-cluttering also applies to furniture. Removing a few pieces from a space can make it look much bigger. So, take a critical eye to your home’s current layout and put extra-large items into storage to make the floorplan seem spacious. 

  1. Remove Your Personal Touches

If you’re still wondering, “How else do I sell my house fast?” try this: remove all your personalized decor from your space. 

Buyers will walk into your home and try to envision themselves living there. They won’t be able to picture it as easily if they see your family photos all over the wall. So, take those down, as well as any political or religious decorations that can take people out of their daydreams of living in your space. 

You should do the same with personal knickknacks, sports memorabilia, figurines, and any other items that are very personal to you. Replace them with neutral accessories, or simply remove them until you sell your house and move into your new place. If you take down personal photos, be sure to cover and re-paint over any nail holes in your walls.

  1. Sell It With Sunlight

Your home will look so much more appealing to buyers when it’s flooded in natural light. So, draw back the curtains and open blinds before potential buyers come in for a viewing. 

You should be sure that rooms without much natural sunlight have all of the lights switched on so that they look just as bright. If overhead lighting isn’t as illuminating as you’d like, add some floor and table lamps to give your space that glow that will sell it. 

  1. Go Neutral 

Once your home is for sale, it’s no longer yours. So, as you remove personal pieces from the walls and shelves, look at the rest of your decor. Do you have bright colors on the walls or wild patterns on your upholstery? 

If so, it’s time to restore your home to a more neutral color palette. Paint over colorful walls with white, beige, or gray. These colors allow buyers to see your space as a blank canvas — and we’ve already discussed why this is vital in hastening the home-selling process.

You might also want to cover your bed with new linens — whites and beiges work well here, too. Basically, you should remove any brightly colored or ornate items to make your home appealing to a wider audience. 

  1. Consider Hiring a Stager 

You can sell your home with or without a realtor. Still, you might want a bit of help to offload your property ASAP. Someone who can make things happen quickly is a home stager. 

Stagers can help you with all of the recommended steps above. They’re particularly good at making sure your furniture fits the space. They can bring in neutral pieces so that potential buyers can see them but still imagine their own belongings in your abode. 

Home stagers are great at what they do, and having one can expedite the sale process even further. Plus, they tend to sell for more money — 17 percent more, by some estimates. 

Put Our Home Selling Guide Into Practice

If you follow the steps in our home selling guide, you will have a home that’s ready to sell — and sell fast. That’s great news for you if you’re ready to move out and move on. Rather than stressing your way through a lengthy selling process, you’ll offload your abode and get into your new space quickly. 

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