Are you a new mom? Then you might feel stressed every time when you have to carry food for your little angel. No one can understand her needs better than you. So, you cannot compromise your little one’s health. In that case, you always choose the best materials for your baby. When it comes to Food Container [กล่องอาหาร/, which is a term in Thai], you have three popular options: glassware, plastic containers and pouches. Even the ready-made baby foods come with such packaging sets. If you are confused about which container you must grab, read this article.

Baby food in a glass container

You know, packaging baby food in glass food containers has become so easy. But it can heavy your bags. However, you cannot take the risk of poor health, so it is the most recommended food container by paediatricians.   These types of containers generally reduce the chances of harmful chemical presence. These containers are recyclable options, so it’s better for the environment. But you have to be careful every time. Glass has its own risks of breakage. If you choose poor quality materials, it can do more harm than benefit the little one.

BPA free plastic containers

One of the most convenient food containers for new moms is plastic containers. These are so lightweight and durable. When it’s associated with plastic, many people will tell you that it is carcinogenic. You might frighten to hear such claims, but the real truth is brands are offering BPA free, safer plastic containers. It would be great to read the label properly if you were more selective. Besides, you can avoid using plastic containers for prolonged heating. But there are some microwave-safe containers as well. They are so lightweight to carry at any place, but you must choose a leakproof high-quality container for your baby.