What other benefits does the PC Financial Mastercard offer?

The PC Financial Mastercard is a simple, free card for those who want to save a lot on everyday purchases such as groceries or drugstore items; this is where the card excels. However, like most free cards, it doesn’t offer many benefits, although you will enjoy purchase and extended warranty while shopping.

How the PC Financial App works

The PC Financial mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones and gives you access to valuable insights about your spending habits, balance and points accumulation. If you are someone who loses or loses their credit card, you will love the lock card feature. This allows you to temporarily lock your credit card without reporting it as stolen or missing, giving you time to locate your card and avoiding the hassle of getting a replacement. If you determine that the card is really gone for good, you can notify the bank directly from the app. The PC Financial app also allows you to use Google Pay or Apple Pay with your card.

How Optimum Points Days work with the PC Financial Mastercard

Optimum Points Days is an annual PC promotion featuring bonus offers from partner stores, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Esso, and Mobil locations. When you use the PC Financial Mastercard to make purchases that contain bonus points, you can increase the amount you earn.

Who should get this card?

The PC Financial Mastercard provides an easy, non-annual way to accumulate PC Optimum points, so it’s a must-have for those who frequently shop at partner stores and PC Optimum collectors. With no strict minimum income rules, it’s a solid choice for young adults.

Are there any drawbacks to the PC Financial Mastercard?

While the PC Financial Mastercard makes it easy to earn, the card doesn’t allow you to collect point multipliers at Loblaw banner stores; that means you only get the base rate of 10 pc points per $1 (1%) for your shopping there. Since groceries are one of the largest spending categories, this is a significant shortcoming. Other free cards, such as the Tangerine Money-Back Card, offer double that rate, up to 2% back on groceries.

As a retail credit card, the PC Financial Mastercard is not as flexible as a conventional cash back credit card. You can only redeem PC Points on purchases from retailers affiliated with PC. However, for those who shop a lot in PC stores, the earning rate and redemption policy make it a real contender.

it comes down to

The PC Financial Mastercard is a solid free starter rewards card with easy qualifications, and it gives ordinary Canadians entry-level access to the PC points program. Cardholders can earn hefty rewards points at Shoppers Drug Mart and on Gas (it is indeed one of the best credit cards for spending on gas and drug stores in Canada), but it falls a bit short on grocery returns compared to some other free credit cards in Canada. However, the flexible points programs and easy redemption can make up for this shortfall. For those who regularly shop at PC-affiliated stores, the PC Financial Mastercard can boost your savings.

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