Answer: Netflix (NFLX): $23,899.10, Compound Annual Growth: 37.38% (as of 3/8/22)

To ask:

Do you think the appreciation has been stable over time? Why or why not? What competitive or technological innovations may have disrupted and then accelerated Netflix’s growth? Do you think it would have been easy as an investor to buy Netflix stock 10 years ago and hold it during this time? Explain your answer. Who do you think Netflix’s current competitors are?

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Behind the numbers (GoBankingRates):

“In terms of stock prices, the pandemic has been kind to Netflix – presumably because it has forced millions of people to spend a lot more time at home watching Netflix. By 2010, Netflix had shed its skin as an alternative to a mail-order DVD movie subscription. and positioned itself as a ten-year dominant media giant.”

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