Answer: As of 3/16/22, 10,000 Bitcoin is worth approximately $411 million, which can buy a pizza for every resident of the state of Texas (@$15 per pizza)

To ask:

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies? Why or why not? What emotion do you think the pizza buyer feels about this transaction in 2010? Do you know anyone who has ever bought something using a cryptocurrency? If so, can you describe the process to complete a trade using crypto?

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Behind the numbers (Coindesk):

Hanyecz is known for being the first person to use bitcoin in a commercial transaction. On May 22, 2010, when bitcoin was just over a year old, he bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. The day is now known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day”. Now worth $9,500 with one bitcoin [Editor’s note: Price of Bitcoin in March of 2022 is $40,000]this is apparently a joke and Hanyecz’s $45 million pizzas are the punch line.

The joke is also a parable, illustrating the competition and interplay between three possible uses of bitcoin. The first is speculation. Bitcoin’s nosebleed-inducing decade of upward price movements is what drives CNBC’s headlines and motivates participation: people see it as a way to get rich. “Bitcoin is a way to exploit greed,” Hanyecz said in a recent interview from his home in Jacksonville, Florida. It is greed that underlies the delicate balance of incentives that keep bitcoin going.

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The difference 3 years makes… a previous FinCap Friday valued the pizzas at $80 million at the time. Yes, Bitcoin went up quite a bit back then.

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