Find out how 79% of Gen Z survey respondents answered.

Answer: The answer is INCORRECT. It’s your timely payment history that matters most, and paying off your credit card balance each month eliminates those hefty interest charges.


Why do you think so many young people get the answer to this question wrong? 49% of credit card users admit they made a late payment on their credit card, which will lower their credit score, lead to late fees and increase their interest charges. Why do you think so many people pay late? What steps can card users take to avoid paying their bills late?

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Behind the numbers (LendingTree survey):

The myth that keeping a small balance on your cards is actually good for your credit score is widespread — about two in three Americans believe it. For the youngest consumers, Gen Z, the percentage is 79%. But it’s just not right, says Schulz.

“The myth hurts cardholders because it costs them money. If they only carry a small balance, it might not cost them a lot of money, but it will add up over time,” he says. It is especially concerning for the youngest generation who could carry scales for decades.

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