How many students are interested in getting started in the subject?

Answer: 30%


Have you ever considered pursuing a CTE (career and technical education) or vocational training? Why or why not? The current demand for skilled trade jobs exceeds the supply of workers to fill them. Why do you think that is the case? You are hired by a local company that needs more electricians in their business. They want to recruit students from your high school and want you to answer this question, “What do you think it takes to make these skilled trades jobs more attractive to high school students?”

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Behind the numbers (from Yahoo!):

“As the skills gap continues to grow, the demand for artisans has never been greater. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics1, the market demand for skilled crafts will continue to grow through 2030, resulting in nearly 400,000 new jobs. new Wolverine survey ² pipeline of new craftsmen does not match demand.

While nearly three quarters (72%) of today’s high school students consider it important to consider alternative options to a traditional 4-year college, only 30% of students have considered a vocational/commercial school.

More than half (51%) say “I don’t know enough” as a reason not to consider enrolling.

At the same time, four in five (79%) of students said they believe vocational skills should be taught in high schools, indicating they are interested in learning more about the skills needed to pursue careers in the profession. to fulfill.”

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