The average solar panel installation costs anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000. The high upfront costs can be discouraging, but the renewable energy source is worth every penny.

However, your solar panel costs don’t stop after installation. Without knowing these expenses, you might end up straining your budget in the long run.

Prevent this by reading our quick guide on the cost of residential solar panels in 2022. 

Maintenance Costs

Solar panels have relatively simple construction, despite converting sunlight to usable energy. It lacks moving parts and other complicated components.

As such, solar panels can last between 20 and 30 years when installed correctly. It applies even with minimal upkeep. You need not worry about regular maintenance with a solar power system.

The caveat is to be vigilant about your system’s physical condition. It means ensuring your panels’ cleanliness. When they’re dirty, you can get rid of the debris with a garden hose.

Another maintenance task is to track your system’s energy production levels. In most cases, short-term issues like clouds and rain can cause your solar panels to make less power. However, reoccurring problems for an extended period means a more severe issue.

The good news is most solar system warranties have performance guarantees. If your panels are still under the warranty period, your solar panel cost of repair is zero.

Learn more about the cost of solar by reading Blue Raven Solar’s guide:

Repairs and Replacements

Sometimes, you might end up replacing or repairing solar panels. Several reasons could cause it to happen, but the most common is extreme weather. Lighting, hail, or even fallen trees can damage your solar power system.

Another reason is a previously-undetected defect on the panels. 

Most solar panel warranties are last between 10 and 25 years after installation. If your solar power system is within that period, your repair costs from accidental damage or defective goods are free. However, product warranties don’t always cover labor and shipping costs.

If your warranty period ends, you must pay for the repairs out of your pocket. The good news is you need not replace the entire system when a panel breaks.

Even if one or two solar panels stop working, your system continues making energy. However, consider contacting a solar panel company to get replacements ASAP. A single panel will cost at least $225.

Other Potential Costs

Aside from repairs and maintenance, owners can face additional costs like hiring professionals for cleaning. If you do, expect to pay hundreds of dollars per cleaning session. The good news is you need only do this every few years.

If your property has tall trees, your solar panels might not produce enough energy. To fix this issue, you must hire a tree trimming service.

Learn More Solar Panel Costs Now

These are some solar panel costs to consider moving forward. Add them to your budget whenever necessary. It ensures you won’t end up with financial problems in the future.

However, the predicted cost of solar panels is only the beginning. Look for reputable solar companies to make the most out of your money.

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