Sophie Mudd is a top American Model who gained popularity on various social media such as Instagram. Born on 27th July 1998 in Los Angeles California, she is famous as an internet star. Her fame has been enhanced through her seductive firtsbornunicorn and witty photos on snapchat and instagram.

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Sophie Mudd Biography

Full name  Sophie Mudd
Nickname Sophie
Age 23 years as of 2021
Birth Place United States 
Birth Date 27TH July 1998
Horoscope  Leo 
Weight  58 kg
Height  5 feet 5 inches 
Ethnicity  White 
Hair colour  Brown 
Eye color  Brown 
High school  Campbell hall school 
Boyfriend  Austin D
Career  Internet personality model 
Net worth  $250000
Body measurements  35-26-36
Social media presence  Facebook

Sophie Muddy early life 

There are limited details about her family. However, it is known that she grew up in Los Angeles with business oriented brother Nicholas Mudd and parents. Nicholas is used to fame and luxurious lifestyle from her childhood years.  With her brother, she joined Campbell Hall School, a prestigious and private school. Here she excelled in both sports and academics.  In 2012 March, she took part in Delphic League Meet competition at Notre Dame High School. She competed in the field and track events and came 12th on the long jump division.  She relocated to Beverly Hills, California with her family. She is described by her family and friends as a soft spoken lady, unlike her bubbly and wild personality she showcases online. 

Sophie Muddy profession 

She leverages social media to show her love for modeling and hot body. With just a few months of showcasing her body on Instagram, she managed to get a half million followers.  Sophie also caught the attention of companies and brands for her hot body. She later entered into a contract with MP management, an international company from Milan with networks from fashion designers and modelling agencies. This opened her doors for great opportunities and projects.  As of the moment, she is a brand ambassador of Romeo Power Technology, Nike, Bananhot, Cloudten, Shadow Hill, Frankies, Le Jolie, Prix Workshop, Beverly Hills Bikini and many others.  

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Physical appearance 

Sophie mudd naked has an hourglass body shape. She has broad torso, curvy slim waist and ample breasts. Her brunette hair and deep brown eyes complements her 170. 18 cm height and 58 kg weight. She is well endowed in bust area with Cup D bra size of 32 in, 81.28 cm, 24 inches waist, 34 inches hips, and 8.5 U.S feet size. 

Relationship and love life

Sophie Muddy had a relationship with Conrad Hughes Hilton Jr who is the youngest son to Barren Hilton a hotel millionaire and a sibling of Paris Hilton. The family has more than 550 business establishments worldwide. Sophie and her ex were friends on facebook and followed one another on instagram in 2014.  They were seen spending time together severally and they decided to keep their relationship secret due to certain factors such as family and other issues. In 2016, news came out that they had separated and unfollowed one another on the social media platforms. 

On 2017 Sophie got into a relationship with Austin Dash and fans refer to the relationship as “Ausop” in relation to their first names. Austin gives details of how they met with Sophie for the first time and got attracted to each other immediately in his album Malibu. He dedicated the album to her, their many adventures and what their journey has turned to. 

The couple posts their videos and photos on instagram, depicting respect and genuine love to each other. They spend their free time watching anime and Netflix shows such as Spirited Away and Bleach. They take trips to various countries, Austin is eight year older that Sophie. His parents are singer Christopher Williams and actress Stacey Dash. 

Hobbies and interests 

Besides modelling, she has string interests in several activities and things. She likes tourism and travelling amouranth n word. Sophie also has great love for dogs and says that she can love dogs more than people. She also likes yoga that she practise to boost her mental and physical health. 

Sophie Muddy net worth 

Sophie has managed to make great breakthrough in her modelling career.  Through her brand endorsements and online platform, her net worth is estimated to be $250000 U.S dollars.  Her income from various sources is estimated to be approximately $ 10, 000 US dollars. Based on her present growth of modelling career, her net worth is expected to grow further. 

amouranth n word

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Sophie mudd Social Media Presence

Sophie has 2.1 million followers on her instagram, with only 438 following and 642 posts as of June 2021. She shares all her adventures in New York, Paris and Asian nations such as China, Indonesia and others. She is popular because of her brand deals with swimwear designers because of her appealing physique. 

In 2018 1st June she took the internet by storm after uploading a photo of Sophie Mudd topless together with Anya Nicolodi wearing Bananhot skimpy bikini. The photo became an internet sensation for many months and gained more than 100,000 likes. Together with Cambrie Schroder, she uploaded a Youtube Video on the “how to‘s’ in creation of healthy smoothies while showing off their curves.  

Her twitter account has more than 42k followers.  She also has a reddit account r/SophieM where she gives updates and uploads photos.  She has a snapchat, but it is for her family and friends. 

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