There are many ways to surprise a person, and much will depend on your boyfriend’s personality and the relationship you have. The most important factor is doing something that he would never expect.

Something You Want To Buy For A Long Time

PS 5, they say that we give the best gifts to ourselves. It’s because no one knows your wishes better than you. Using this logic, the best gift for your boyfriend is what he has wanted to buy himself for a long time.

Indeed, your partner wants to have something for a long time, but for one reason or another, he postpones it for later. Surprise him by advancing the purchase, and your boyfriend will have double satisfaction.

The first is that he has finally achieved what he wanted for a long time; the second is that he did not expect it.

Disgust Therapy

Warning: This method will only work with someone who is not very spiteful.

When you are well, and you receive good news, you are happy. However, when you are upset or angry and give you positive news, your happiness goes through the roof.

You can make plans with your boyfriend, but just one day before you tell him that for some reason you have to leave urgently and you have to cancel everything you planned. It will taste bad not only because you have disappointed him but also because he will not have time to plan something different.

The next day, of course, you show up unexpectedly and do what was planned or even something different. Check

Dedicate A Song

If your boyfriend is a romantic and music lover, then this is the perfect gift. You know to sing? If so, then that’s fine; if not, then you have to work up the courage to sing a dedicated song to him somewhere where you are dining or in the privacy of your home.

If you have never sung and suddenly sing a song in front of many people, then the shock of the moment will increase. You can practice and dedicate his favorite song to him. Something that always works excellent is flash mobs, a choreography in a public place with people you know or professionals to give you a final message.