We can never attach too much importance to secure file transfer. We want to ensure that when we transfer private files online, they are sent through a safe channel so that they do not fall into wrong hands. In the meanwhile, transfer speed also factors in, because we do not want the transfer to take forever. But where can we find a fast and secure file transfer service?

TeraBox is an excellent free cloud storage that meets those requirements. As a file transfer tool, it has amazing upload and download speeds. This is ideal for transferring large files, as you won’t have to spend hours waiting for the files to be uploaded and downloaded. In addition, TeraBox provides secure cloud storage, which is trusted and used by millions of users worldwide. For every user that signs up, TeraBox offers 1 TB of free cloud storage. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Advantages of Fast File Transfer

When we choose a file transfer service, speed is one of the top factors that comes to our minds. What exactly are the advantages of using fast file transfer? There might be more than what you’ve imagined.

1. Transfer Large Files

Slow upload speeds may be acceptable when you are only transferring a couple of small files, but the inconvenience will add up if you want to send large files or many small files. Therefore, whether using WIFI or cellular data, you need a backup option to send large files at the highest possible speed.

Then TeraBox is the one you should go to. The transfer speeds of some cloud storage services are less than 1.5 MB/s. At these rates, uploading a 2 GB file can take more than 25 minutes or more, depending on the status of your network. In comparison, with TeraBox, it only takes less than 10 minutes to upload the same file, which can save you a lot of time.

02 fast

2. Back up Photos and Videos Automatically

With thousands of photos and videos on our phones, it is important that we have a comprehensive backup of them so that they will not be lost even if the devices are damaged. The best backup you can possibly have is an automatic backup. That means whenever you take photos or record videos, they will be backed up to the cloud in real-time. In this case, you won’t have to remind yourself of backing up regularly. (Our memory can be quite unreliable if you know what I am saying.)

Automatic backup is only possible if you use a fast file transfer app, especially when you are uploading high-resolution images or videos. With TeraBox’s high upload speeds, your photos and videos will be backed up to the cloud as soon as you take them. To use this feature, you only need to turn on “Auto Backup” in the TeraBox mobile app, whichever device you are on.

Advantages of a Secure File Transfer Service

1. Transfer Sensitive Information Privately

For organizations that have the demand of storing and transferring classified documents, such as the government or some companies, cloud security is of utmost concern. Though less pressing, it is the same for individuals. You wouldn’t trust your sensitive and private files to some cloud storage that does not have top-notch security measures.

TeraBox employs cutting-edge secure file transfer protocols to make your file transfer safe. Its link-sharing feature is empowered by encryption technology. If you are looking for a secure file transfer option, you should definitely consider using TeraBox.

03 Secure

2. Avoid Data Breaches

Data breach, also called data leak, refers to a situation where your private information is viewed, copied, or used by an individual who is unauthorized to do so. In some of the worst cases, the stolen information can be used to hack into your accounts where you store your most personal files, or even steal money from the online payment platforms you use.

TeraBox is a cloud provider that prioritizes the data security of its users. You can be assured that your information will not be leaked to the ill-intended or anyone else. In addition, it has a Private Safe section in the cloud, which allows users to keep sensitive files, and protect them with a four-digit password.

TeraBox Main Features

As a reputable cloud storage service, TeraBox provides fast and secure file transfer service. But it’s more than just that; its wide range of features can meet your everyday demand for file backup, syncing, and organization.

04 feature

  • Offline use: Download the uploaded files from TeraBox when you are connected to the internet, and you can enjoy opening and viewing them offline directly from your device, whether it is image, video, audio, or PDF.
  • Automatic backups for photos and videos: When you turn on the automatic backup, all the photos, including each and every one you take ever after, will be backed up automatically to the cloud, click-free.
  • Intelligent photo classification: After the photos are backed up, they will be automatically sorted into different categories, such as landscape, architecture, people, and so on, so that you can find anything you need immediately.
  • Video player: Enjoy playing videos directly from the cloud, whether on your computer or smartphone, without downloading them to the local storage.
  • Large file transfer: Most file-sharing services have constraints on how many files you can send at a time, what is the maximum size of each file, or how large they should be in total. But with TeraBox, you can ส่งไฟล์ขนาดใหญ่ an unlimited number of files, with their total size up to 20GB.
  • Remote Upload: You can use TeraBox Remote Upload to download files online with a link, including HTTP, HTTPS, magnet, and BitTorrent.

ConclusionWhen choosing a file transfer tool, people usually look out for the speed and safety of the service. TeraBox is a fast and secure file transfer solution you can rely on to do the job. It is a high-rated app in terms of transfer speed and data security measures. Download TeraBox now, and enjoy its fast file transfer without compromising the security of your data.