The toilet is often one of the parts of the home that breaks the most. You use it all the time, so it makes sense that it will wear out and start malfunctioning.

Unfortunately, your toilet can also waste a lot of money if you leave problems too long. When leaks can waste up to 180 gallons of water per week, you can’t afford to let potential issues go untreated.

If you’re curious about the common toilet problems you’ll experience as a homeowner, this post will help. Below are four toilet plumbing problems that you can expect to experience.

  1. Clogged Toilet

The clogged toilet is one of the most common toilet problems out there. Even if you do a great job not putting unnecessary items in your toilet, things can still get stuck in your pipes. When this happens, your toilet won’t flush as well or not at all.

You’ll need a plunger or toilet auger to fix this issue. The plunger will fix simple toilet clogs, while a toilet auger will help you clear out further down the toilet pipe.

  1. Toilet Leak

A leak is another typical problem homeowners face. Unfortunately, these aren’t always as simple to fix as a simple clog.

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is where the leak is happening. Is your toilet leaking from tank bolts, or is your toilet not appropriately seated on the floor?

You may also have a leaky pipe under the toilet, which means you’ll need to pull your toilet up to find the problem.

  1. Bowl Doesn’t Fill

Your toilet bowl is responsible for making sure your toilet bowl is full of water. Unfortunately, it can get damaged over time and cause water not to refill or make its way back into your toilet too slowly.

There are a few common problems that result in this behavior:

  • Cracked toilet bowl
  • Damaged fill tube
  • Bad vent
  • Damaged fill valve

You’ll need to examine each of these things to figure out what’s causing your toilet bowl not to fill correctly.

  1. Toilet Keeps Running

The toilet isn’t supposed to keep running after a flush or run on its own with nobody in the bathroom. If this happens, it’s a sign that you have an issue with your toilet.

One common reason for this is that the toilet bowl flapper doesn’t create a seal. Water will continue draining into the toilet when this happens and cause your toilet to flush when the toilet bowl fills too high.

Debris in the fill valve can also cause issues. Your debris will cause the shut-off function to not work correctly and keep your toilet running after your flush.

There Are More Common Toilet Problems Out There

A toilet is more complex than you think, which means a lot can go wrong. There are other common toilet problems that you can experience, so make sure you know the other things you can expect. When you do, you can prepare yourself to handle things yourself instead of spending a small fortune on a plumber.

Are you interested in learning more about issues you can expect to come up in your home? Check out the blog to learn what to expect and how to take on home repair projects yourself.