The Advantages of The Heat Pump

Quiet, safe, and economical. For many people, the heat pump is still the optimal heating system because it uses the free environmental heat that is already available and makes it usable for heating and hot water. Below are two advantages of heat pump

Economic Advantages

A few years ago, heating with electricity was considered uneconomical and un-ecological, as the efficiency losses were very high and electricity was mainly produced from coal. Most heat pumps are now highly efficient and keep heating costs permanently at a low level. The important reason is the heat source environmental energy. Unlike natural gas and oil, it is not subject to any economic or political fluctuations. It is also always available and free of charge.

Further economic advantages of heat pumps are its low-maintenance operation and the attractive subsidies from the state. How to apply for this is explained in the section on promoting the heat pump.

Environmental Benefits

The economy plays a vital role when buying a heating system. With increasing environmental awareness, however, climate protection is also moving more and more to the fore. Anyone who invests in a heat pump today is also making a significant contribution to reducing the harmful greenhouse gas CO₂.

The heat pump uses regenerative energy for heating and only needs a small amount of electrical energy, which means fewer fossil fuels need to be broken down and burned. The CO₂ balance of the electricity used for heating is significantly lower than that of other fossil heating systems. If green drive power is also used, a heat pump works completely CO₂-free.

Statistics also show what the ecological advantages of a heat pump look like in practice: According to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, around 37 million tons of CO₂ were avoided in Germany in 2016 through the use of renewable energy sources in the heating market alone. In comparison: The transport sector’s energy-related emissions amounted to 166.2 million tons in the same year.