RV sales have totaled $20 billion in recent years. With more people hitting the open road, it can be tempting to join them. The idea of simplifying your life and seeing America up close and personal is tempting, yet you have one obstacle in your way. You need to buy an RV. 

These benefits will convince you that a 5th wheel camper is an ideal choice. 

Tow Vehicle Doubles as Transportation

With other types of RVs, your RV is also a vehicle. This limits your ability to travel once you’ve set up camp. You would need to bring an additional vehicle or rent one. With a fifth wheel, you don’t have this problem. 

Once you set up camp, disconnect your truck, and you have a vehicle for running errands or taking local trips. Then, when you’re ready to head to your next destination, reconnect your truck, and you’re off and rolling. 

Extra Space

5th wheel trailers typically have a lofted sleeping space in the compartment that sits over the truck bed. Additionally, they can have up to four slide-outs. These create a significant amount of living space once you’ve set up camp. 

Without an engine taking up space, there’s more room for storage. These trailers come with a pass-through storage compartment, something you don’t find in other trailers. The trailer hitch also sits above your truck bed, leaving this space open for more storage. 

Versatility in Amenities Offered

When buying an RV, amenities and features are crucial for ensuring you buy a setup that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle expectations. With the ample room in fifth wheels, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the increased amenity options. 

Keystone RVs for sale can show you a variety of options with home-like features. These include larger kitchens with residential-style fridges, full-sized appliances, multiple bathrooms, and large sleeping spaces. 

Less Vehicle Maintenance

When you purchase a class A, B, or C RV, you are committing to the maintenance of an additional vehicle. This means more oil changes, fluid flushes, and general vehicle upkeep costs. While you will need to upkeep your trailer, the costs are significantly lower for a trailer. 

Safe Towing Option

While a fifth wheel is a trailer, it has a different design than the standard trailer. Unlike travel trailers that attach to a ball hitch at the back of the vehicle, a fifth wheel sits on top of the truck bed. This creates a more secure connection and a more stable towing experience. 

You will experience less swaying and more responsive handling. As the driver, you’ll be more comfortable with a fifth wheel behind you. A fifth wheel will perform significantly better if you plan to drive off-road. 

Purchase Your 5th Wheel Camper

Don’t wait to start your great road trip adventure. With all of these 5th wheel camper benefits, you should consider purchasing one to fulfill your RVing dreams. You will have more homey comforts, increased storage, safer towing, and a built-in vehicle for transportation when you get to your campsite. 

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