At the last count, 92% of American households had at least 1 computer. So, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with how much a computer slows down over time.

Often, duplicate files are the cause of this anomaly. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem in the form of file finding software for deleting duplicate files.

Keep reading to discover the best ones. 

Deleting Duplicate Files on Windows

Unless you’re a dedicated file organizer, there’s a good chance you’ve created duplicate files on your computer through your own doing. They also come about from forgotten downloads or sharing the same file multiple times over email.

Regardless of where your PC accumulated these duplicates from, you can bet they’re slowing it down. These software fixes can help you get back up to speed: 


dupeGuru is one of the best choices when you’re on the hunt for duplicate files. 

It scans your computer looking for either contents or filenames, even if they’re not identical. It also has a music mode for finding duplicate tunes as well as a feature that unearths similar images.

You can customize the search engine to find exactly what you’re looking for, and there’s a grouping system that helps you avoid deleting files unintentionally.

With dupeGuru, you can also copy or move your files to another folder if you don’t want to delete them. It offers several options for filtering your results, to weed out false duplicates.

This software also runs on Linux and Mac, find out more information here.


CCleaner is the ultimate help for those who use their computer all the time. It features a host of system-enhancing fixes to help speed up, repair, monitor, and protect your PC. 

These include a drive wiping tool to get rid of those pesky duplicates.

The software works by scanning your system to identify bottlenecks and other problems. Afterward, you can either fix selected issues or run the cleaner to sort out the lot.

Conveniently, you can schedule CCleaner to run during your PC’s inactive hours. 


XYplorer is a file management system for windows that offers powerful search, versatile previews, and tabbed browsing. All these facilities help you locate duplicates easily and deal with them.

It’s portable, so you don’t need to store it on your already-overburdened PC. 

XYplorer finds duplicate files using date, size, name, and content, and it can search any location on your PC. This is an excellent tool for freeing up storage space on your computer when you search by content.

It’s super-easy to use by selecting ‘Dupes’ as a filter in your find files tab. This kind of search brings up only duplicate files in the results. 

Duplicate File Finder for Mac 

Most duplicate files on Mac stem from user error, but they can also originate from synching your computer with other devices, like your phone. 

Duplicate files can fill up your Mac in no time at all. So, try these top duplicate file removers to ensure you stay up and running at top speed.

Remo Duplicate File Remover

With a price tag under $20, Remo Duplicate File Remover offers great value for money thanks to its intuitive user interface.

It provides a clear user experience, providing options to scan either a specific folder or the entire drive for duplicates.

There are only two steps in the process. You simply select the drive you want and click the Scan button. Remo does all the rest.

Duplicate File Finder Remover

Duplicate File Finder Remover offers a free app that helps you identify duplicate files and remove them yourself. The paid version offers a bells and whistles experience with the following features:

  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Duplicate music and photodetector
  • File organization and merging
  • Ability to select file extension types
  • A file size selection option

You can easily preview your duplicate files and images to select which ones you want to keep and auto-delete the rest. Duplicate File Finder gives you the option to permanently delete unwanted files, or move them to trash, where you can retrieve them if necessary.

Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is an intelligent duplicate file remover for Mac that’s exceptionally easy to use.

It can scan either your entire hard drive or a specific folder and then choose to review the duplicates or delete them with one click of the Smart Cleanup button.

When viewing the files, you can see all the metadata and also view playback videos, photos, and music files.

With the free version, you’ll need to delete the files manually, but the affordably-priced paid version does it all for you. 

Finding Duplicate Images and Deleting Them

If you work with a lot of images, there’s a good chance your computer’s overburdened with duplicates. After all, it takes numerous attempts to take the perfect photo.

These are two of the best tools for getting rid of space-sapping images:

Quick PhotoFinder

This fast interface is easy to understand and works fast to help you get rid of duplicates and release valuable storage space. In the process, it helps optimize your PC for faster, better performance.

The software offers excellent search filters to modify the process and easy-to-understand video tutorials to get you started.

Quick PhotoFinder doesn’t work on older versions of Windows, like Vista and XP.

Best Duplicate Photo Finder

Like Quick PhotoFinder, Best Duplicate Photo Finder doesn’t mesh with the older Windows operating systems. 

It uses advanced algorithms to find and clean duplicate photos in a simple single-click operation. You can choose from a huge variety of search filters and view group-oriented scan results for easy management. 

Maximizing Your PC Screen Time

Deleting duplicate files is just one way to maximize your productivity on your Mac or Windows computer. You can also benefit by installing your operating system updates religiously and installing the latest virus protection software.

Combined, these apps and software offerings can help your computer run more smoothly and boost your work rate. 

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