Florida is the sunshine capital of the US. It’s also the sportfishing capital of the world. And of course, it’s home to the most visited theme park in the world, which makes Orlando one of the major tourist hubs of the US. With year-round warm weather, it attracts visitors from across the globe to its endless miles of beaches, and diverse, lively cities. But just because you can visit year-round doesn’t mean you should. There are times when Florida is perfect, and times when it’s less than ideal. So what is the best time to visit Florida, and what should you do during the season that you visit? Keep reading to learn all about visiting Florida for maximum enjoyment. Winter Is Peak Tourism Season If you’re like most people, you’re going to visit Florida in the dead of winter. That’s because the rest of the country is dark, gloomy, and frozen. Even southern cities like Atlanta. can see freezing temperatures in January. But in Florida, the temperatures rarely dip below 70 in the winter, unless the occasional cold front blows through. Winter temperatures are usually in the 70s. And there’s hardly any rainfall this time of year, making it possible for you to spend each day of your Florida vacation outside. Looking for things to do in Florida during the winter? Although Florida is the flattest state in the country, it boasts an abundance of beautiful, green hiking trails around the state. Winter is the only time that trails are comfortable and free from mosquitos. Also, paddling the many waterways of Florida is perfect in the wintertime. The best places in Florida for hiking are in central or northern Florida, where fewer tourists visit. But with cold nighttime temperatures, the ocean is often too cold for swimming during the winter. Shoulder Seasons are Perfect for Beachgoers If you’re looking to spend the bulk of your trip to Florida in the water, then try visiting Florida during the shoulder seasons. This means coming in the spring and fall. Daytime temperatures will be higher, usually in the 80s. And you might see a bit more rain. But you’ll experience far fewer tourists and traffic as a result. Plus, the ocean will be much warmer. So if you have your heart set on snorkeling, swimming, surfing, or fishing, then the fall and spring are ideal. You’ll get more sunshine and a better tan to take home with you. It’s also the perfect time for jet skis. Jet ski rental options abound in Florida, so you’ll never be far away from water-based fun. They usually provide stand-up paddleboards and kayaks as well, which are perfect for exploring the inshore mangrove tunnels that line the gulf coast. The Best Time to Visit Florida Isn’t Summer  There you have it. The best time to visit Florida is essentially anytime that isn’t summer. Summers are extremely hot and humid, with frequent rains and risks of hurricanes. It’s great for anglers and snorkelers, as the water temperature is the most comfortable. But fall through spring are ideal times to visit Florida for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Looking for more vacation ideas? Visit our blog now to continue reading.