Did you know 83% of United States workers suffer from work-related stress? If you have stressed-out employees, you might wonder what you can do to improve their day. 

Happy employees will be more productive, work hard, etc. While it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out what to do next, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on improving employee happiness today. 

Social Gatherings

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Encourage workplace culture through social gatherings. Have lunch for the employees once a month to look forward to. Consider renting out a venue to boost employee morale and have everyone socialize outside of work. 

Open Communication

Encourage open communication. Keep open communication in management and ensure you have smart management to pass it down. 

If you receive complaints, ensure that each employee feels heard. Don’t let workplace bullying stay and make others uncomfortable. 

Competitive Salaries

Offer your employees competitive salaries. If they struggle to get by each day, they might come to work stressed out. 

Small business owners might struggle to offer a higher salary. Figure out your budget and, realistically, what you’re comfortable with. Ensure that you pay each employee a fair rate. 

Learning Opportunities

Employees love to have new responsibilities and show off hidden talents. Provide them with training opportunities, especially if it’s new material. 

Have career mentoring available if they have questions. This will keep employees engaged and reduce boredom. Offer them opportunities to grow within the company too. 

Work-Life Balance

Whether working 35 hours a week or a few hours at home, work-life balance is vital. Never expect employees to put their job above their own lives. 

They’ll be more likely to experience burnout. Ensure that no one stays past their schedule and signs out. Offer flexible schedules for them to choose the hours that work for them. 

Use the right tools for the job too. That includes improving the workflow and letting employees work from home full-time if their position allows it. Helpful tools could be a VPN (a virtual private network) to keep their computer secure. 

Open Promotions

Offer them opportunities to grow within the company. Many will leave jobs that have no growth potential. 

Have employees discuss with their team their dreams and goals within the company. See what they’ll need to do for growth potential. Have them understand what they do well with and what needs work. 

Have management discuss available positions and ones that’ll open up. Consider offering job shadowing for employees to become comfortable with other roles. This will also give them more experience. 

How to Improve Employee Happiness Made Easy

After exploring this guide, you should better understand how to improve employee happiness. Take your time speaking with your team and consider handing out an anonymous survey.

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