The tires that you have on your car aren’t going to last forever. On average, you’re only going to get about six years of life out of them before you’ll need to replace them.

When it’s time for new car tires, you don’t want to just pick the first ones that you’re able to find. You should put some real thought into choosing tires for cars so that you land on the right ones in the end.

If replacing old tires is something that you need to do soon, we’ve put together a list of tips that should help you. They’ll make choosing tires for cars much easier than it would be otherwise.

They’ll also help you track down the best possible tires for your specific car. Take a look at our tips below and use our guide to get your hands on the right tires when everything is all said and done.

Determine Which Type of Tires You Would Like for Your Car

When you’re first shopping for new tires for your car, you might be surprised to see how many different types of tires there are out there in the world. There are so many types of tires for you to choose from, which is a big part of the reason why it can get to be complicated.

Here are several options that you’ll have as far as types of tires are concerned:

  • All-season tires
  • Performance tires
  • All-terrain tires
  • Summer tires
  • Winter tires
  • Touring tires

You should think about how you use your vehicle when choosing tires for cars. You don’t want to buy a type of tire that isn’t going to fit your needs and keep you safe when you’re out on the road.

Figure Out Which Size Tires You Need for Your Car

Another thing that might surprise you when you’re choosing tires for cars is that there are tons of different tire sizes. You can find everything from small tires that will work well on a sedan to very large tires that are reserved for big pickup trucks.

More often than not, you’re going to want to replace your old tires with new tires that are the same size. The tire company that you call on for help should be able to fill you in on which size tires would work best on your car.

Don’t ever try to squeeze tires that are too big onto a small car or put small tires onto a large car. You’ll be asking for trouble if this is the approach that you take to choosing tires for cars.

Learn About the Different Brands That Specialize in Selling Car Tires

The global automotive tire market is expected to be worth almost $220 billion soon. For this reason, there are lots of different tire brands that have popped up in recent years.

You’re more than welcome to buy tires from any brand that you would like. But in a perfect world, you should pick up tires from a company that has earned a great reputation within the auto industry.

The tires that you put on your car are some of the most important parts of it. So you don’t want to buy tires that are manufactured by some no-name company that you aren’t familiar with. You want a trusted tire manufacturer providing you with tires that are guaranteed to keep you safe.

Compare the Price Tags on Various Types of Tires

As you’re shopping around for tires for your car, you’re going to notice that the price tags on them will vary quite a bit. There are some all-season tires that will cost just $50, and there are some all-terrain tires that will go for $750.

Comparing tire prices should be something that you do when you’re in the market for them. In fact, you should come up with a budget for buying tires from the beginning and then work to stick to it by eliminating any options that will put you over budget.

You don’t necessarily want to cut any corners and buy really cheap tires for your car just to save a few bucks. But you do want to keep the cost of tires in the back of your mind and do what you can to avoid overspending on them.

Look at What Kinds of Warranties Come on Different Tires

A lot of the more reputable tire brands feel great about the tires that they’re producing these days. Because of this, they’re often quick to extend lengthy warranties on their tires to the people who buy them.

When you’re choosing tires for cars, it would be well worth keeping an eye on their warranties. You’re going to be able to get a lot of mileage out of tires that have solid warranties attached to them.

Getting a warranty on car tires isn’t going to help you fix every problem that you might have with your tires moving forward. But you should be able to have your tires repaired or replaced if you ever experience issues with them when they’re still under warranty.

Consider Investing In One of the Many Tire and Wheel Packages

Do you need to buy new tires and new wheels for your car at the moment? If so, you might want to steer clear of buying them separately. That could put you in a position where you’ll have to pay more for them than you might like.

Instead of taking that approach to choosing tires for cars, you should check to see if there are any tire and wheel packages that might fit into your budget. You should be able to save yourself a few bucks by going with a tire and wheel package.

These wheels and tyre packages are a good example of what we’re talking about. They might be perfect for you if you’re in the market for wheels and tires right now.

Bring the Right Company on Board to Install New Tires for You

If you know your way around a car, you might be able to get away with installing new tires on your own. But if you’re not all that familiar with cars and, more specifically, tires, you should abstain from trying to replace them yourself.

Rather than taking the DIY approach to tire replacement, you should bring a tire company on board to install new car tires for you. Look for an experienced company that has a great reputation within your community.

A company like this will be able to put your new car tires into place. They’ll also be able to balance your car’s tires and even check to see if you need to have a tire alignment performed.

You shouldn’t have to worry about a thing when you have new car tires installed by professionals. They’ll see to it that your tires are installed properly, and they’ll make sure that the warranty that you have on your tires stays intact.

Make Sure You Take Care of Your New Tires From the Start

As we mentioned earlier, car tires should last for at least 6 years in most cases. There are also some people who are able to get up to a decade out of them.

But you’re not going to be able to keep tires around for this long if you don’t work to maintain them. There are lots of things that you can do to keep your tires in great shape once you have them installed.

Some of the steps you can take to maintain tires include:

  • Checking the tire pressure in each of your tires and adding air to them as necessary
  • Rotating your tires on a regular basis
  • Fixing any holes that pop up in your tires
  • Inspecting the tread in your tires over time
  • Replacing all your tires at once when the time comes

The harder that you work to maintain your car’s tires, the longer that they should last you. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about replacing your tires ahead of schedule when you make it a point to maintain them at every turn.

Choosing Tires for Cars Can Be a Tall Task

When you’re choosing tires for cars, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. There will be so many tires to pick from, and this can make buying new car tires a tall task for some people.

Use this guide to take a lot of the confusion out of the equation when choosing tires for cars. The tips that we’ve provided for you here should have you selecting the right tires for your car in no time.

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