Whatever type of business you’re running, and whatever industry it may be in, having a strong presence online will help you stay up-to-date with the needs of your customers, and keep in line with their preferences. 

But this is about so much more than merely registering on a local site to help people find local businesses (although you absolutely should do this); it’s about adopting a rounded approach to advertising that offers customers a unique and memorable experience. 

With this in mind, here are some essential ways to enhance your online presence and attract (and retain) customers:

Start with the basics, and get them right

In the majority of instances, whatever type of business you’re running, your online presence will begin with a website, accounts on the most popular social media platforms, and a registration with Google My Business and other popular sites that help customers find local businesses: click for more info. By taking care of these basic elements first, you can then give yourself more time to move on to newer and more technological forms of digital advertising, and use the latest advertising tools.  

Optimizing your website for search engines (using a digital marketing technique known as SEO, or search engine optimization) can also help ensure that potential customers can easily locate you online, when searching for products or services that you offer. That said, if you’re not experienced in this or aren’t inclined to figure it out for yourself, you can simply outsource this element of your online presence. Leading Solution provides SEO services for both local and international companies considering to expand their businesses in Singapore.

Use influencers and industry experts to help promote your business

Increasingly, more and more consumers are taking their time to carefully consider their options before deciding who to buy a product or service from, making influencers a vital part of any effective online marketing strategy. By using someone liked and trusted by many to write specialist material about your industry or the services you provide (or create videos), and posting it on their own social media page, you can tap into their audience, while helping build trust around your own brand. 

When done right, this has the potential to increase your appeal and reach a wider audience than any other form of digital marketing. Naturally, influencer selection is key here. 

Make more videos

Did you know that almost 85% of all traffic on the internet is made up of online videos? By creating an informative, engaging and appealing video about your product or service, you can reach all of the people who love watching videos on the internet (which is almost everyone, it would seem!), and share with them your views, values and ideas. 

Consider using automation

There are countless online tools that can help you automate many of the processes that would usually take up your valuable time as a construction business owner, and social media scheduling is just one of them. With so many marketing tools at your disposal, not only can you keep consumers updated with your business and any industry titbits, but you can also use them to measure and analyse how effective your digital marketing strategy actually is. Is it performing as well as it could, and how are potential customers responding? By doing this, you can shift the focus of your resources to where they need to be, and create budgets that are far more targeted and realistic. 

A strong online presence is part and parcel of being a successful business these days, and without one, you may not be reaching your potential, or your intended audience.