Religion has a lot to do with the worldwide popularity of jewellery. Countless cultures and civilizations have used jewellery for symbolism and spiritual body adornment. In Islamic history, jewellery has played a vital role. The earliest Islamic jewellery products were mostly made of silver. They featured the word ‘Allah’ and verses of the Holy Quran. Nowadays, pendants, necklaces, and rings featuring these inscriptions continue to be extremely popular across the Islamic world. These timeless designs haven’t lost their charm one bit. In fact, technological advances have made Islamic jewellery design even more popular. Unlike in the past, silver isn’t the only material used to create jewellery pieces with Islamic designs. Modern-day Muslims invest in jewellery made of various types of materials.

The Cultural Significance

Jewellery pieces with Islamic inscriptions and messages hold amazing value in the hearts and minds of Muslims across the world. In some families, jewellery products with Islamic designs or messages serve as good-luck charms. After all, having a piece of jewellery with the word ‘Allah’ inscribed on it makes all Muslims feel much safer and blessed. At a time when the attacks on Islam are at an all time high, the growing appeal for Islamic jewelleries proves that the younger generations aren’t afraid to display their respect and allegiance towards their religion. That’s why Islamic pendants or necklaces are always great gift ideas for any Muslim. These products allow young Muslims to display their sense of style while staying rooted in religious and spiritual beliefs.

New Range of Muslim Jewelry

Technological advancements are opening up new avenues for Muslim jewellery designers. For instance, Nanotechnology allows designers to print super-small messages from the Holy Quran on jewellery pieces. These inscriptions are only readable with magnifying glasses. But, they look amazing and allow Muslims to carry the message of God everywhere they go. Check out Nano Jewellery’s Muslim collection for highly unique Islamic pendants, necklaces, rings, etc., with nano-messages!