The cost of solar panels has declined by 82 percent in the last decade, making this the best time to go solar.

Switching to solar power will cut your utility bill and save the environment. So, if you decide to go solar, you need to learn the solar panel installation process. Find out what to expect during this process and how long it takes.

Read on to discover the key solar panel installation stages.

Roof and Site Evaluation

The first solar panel installation stage is the site and roof assessment. A solar technician will visit your home to inspect your roof. They’ll determine whether your roof is sturdy enough to support the weight of solar panels.

The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether you can install solar panels on your current roof or you’ll need to replace it.

Permits and Paperwork

You’ll need to obtain permits from the local authorities to install solar panels on your home. So, to apply for these permits, you’ll need to present various documents. You need to provide evidence that installing solar panels on your roof is safe.

Seek the help of professional solar installers to expedite this step. These experts will handle the solar permit application on your behalf.

Choosing Solar System Equipment

Once you obtain solar permits, the next stage is searching for the right solar system for your home. You’ll need to involve an expert to help you estimate your home’s energy needs. The goal is to choose solar equipment that supplies enough power to meet these needs.

Also, you need to compare the pricing of different solar systems to decide which one to buy. Your goal is to find a fairly priced solar system equipment that fits your specifications.

Solar Panel Installation

Once you receive the solar equipment, the next step is to install them on your roof.

Here are the key activities a solar company will undertake during the installation day:

  • Double-checking the roof’s structural integrity
  • Wiring
  • Installing the solar racking system
  • Final connections
  • Flipping the switch

Search for a reputable solar panel installation company to ensure these tasks are done properly. Your goal is to choose a company that offers top-class solar panel installation services. Use the internet to learn more about this company; for example, learn about Blue Raven Solar.

Interconnection and Approval

You must obtain approval from the local government to start using solar energy in your home. To get this approval, an inspector from the government will visit your home to access the solar installation. The goal is to ensure everything has been installed properly.

Once you obtain this approval, your solar system will be connected to the main grid.

Simplify Going Green by Learning the Solar Panel Installation Process

Understanding the above solar panel installation process will make it easy for you to go green. The goal is to know what to expect during this process and how to expedite it.

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