Since we only spent $60 at the grocery store last week, we had some extra in our $70 budget to play with this week. And I used it for a few stock deals + to splurge on steak!

Our total was $76 for everything pictured here.

I’ve never had Irish Soda Bread before, but I couldn’t pass it up for $0.99 a loaf. I tried it toasted with butter and it’s SO good!

The peaches/nectarines were only $0.97/lb. with the digital coupon and we love them. They are so delicious!

The cheese was on sale for $1.27/bag with the digital coupon. And I was thrilled with the cage-free eggs that were discounted to $0.70 a dozen!!

We used potatoes and cheese that we had on sale + ground beef and tomato soup that we got discounted + peas that we had in the freezer to make a kind of “Shepherd’s Pie”.

I cleaned out the pantry last week!

It’s so nice to have it all organized and clean!

Remember all the pumpkin and chocolate chips I wrote down!

We had a blast having Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins as snacks this week!

And, of course, one night last week, we had a sausage breakfast that I had been offered on sale and frozen a while back.

Kierstyn and Silas also made homemade cinnamon rolls as a snack last week.

I haven’t really been able to eat salads lately, so I got creative with lunches.

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