After 2020’s economic slump, it’s more important than ever that businesses both big and small save when possible. Given that, you might hesitate to spend on something other than your day-to-day, essential costs. Yet, any business looking to save a buck should make sure their office phone systems are up-to-date.

Today’s office phone systems serve small businesses and major corporations alike. Their use of the internet makes them customizable for any purpose.

Take a look at three key benefits of this essential business technology.

  1. Everyone Can Talk At Once

When using an office phone system, your whole office can talk at once. That might sound loud and confusing—Worry not.

This isn’t “talking at once” like on awkward webcam calls where ten people jam into the frame at once. It’s also unlike chaotic Zoom calls with twenty people, all with their mics on.

Instead, various phone systems enable talking on multiple phones, each of which has an extension. VOIP for business multiple lines technology is great for growing small businesses, as well as for high-volume call centers like charities and customer service operations.

  1. Clear Communication at and Away From the Office

Independent businesses just getting off the ground often trust employees to use personal phones. This might seem like a good way to save money, but it has many pitfalls.

Using personal phones can lead to distracted workers and horrible texting mistakes. Nobody wants to send personal messages to business contacts! Worse, you may run into employee/employer conflicts over data and privacy.

Getting caught in one of those scenarios is both embarrassing and can lose clients. It makes both the employee and the company employing them look bad.

Using small office phone systems with company phones is great for growing businesses. It’s a good compromise that ensures professionalism and can save money. Many office phone systems for small business purposes have VOIP apps to integrate mobile phones.

Small business owners don’t need receptionists routing clients to employees’ mobile numbers all day. The entire staff can share a phone number with extensions, instead. Automated systems send clients in the right direction.

  1. Connect Overseas Via Phone System

One of the biggest selling points of the best office phone systems is their ability to work across seas. VOIP systems and some other phone system technologies don’t need traditional telephone lines. For that reason, they make outsourcing employees much cheaper than it used to be.

Using overseas mobile carriers used to be a must to connect overseas workers on the go. Frequent landline and mobile phone calls cost hundreds or thousands in long-distance fees. Today, long-distance calls often cost nothing more than the internet and data bills businesses already pay.

Discover Office Phone Systems And Other Business Essentials

With these three basic benefits of office phone systems, you have a better idea of whether one suits your business needs. This guide is a great bite of information on the topic, but there’s plenty more to learn.

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