When you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you want to make decisions that are best for your children such as which school they attend, where they will live, and who with. But, did you know that what you do during the divorce can affect your children? A great wilmington divorce attorney can tell you that trauma can result from a high-conflict divorce process. To help your children get through the process, below are some things you should keep in mind:

Give your Children Enough Time to Adjust to Changes

When you start a divorce, your children experience a loss of a family unit. A divorce can leave your children losing the future they may have in mind. And this problem can get worse as they move into a different home or school or meet with people they are not familiar with them. If you need to move, don’t shock them with all the changes, so they have more time to absorb and adjust.

Don’t Use the Children a Way to Communicate With your Spouse

Trying to communicate through your kids places them at the heart of your conflict with your spouse. If you don’t want to communicate directly with your spouse in an attempt to avoid conflict, look for a trusted friend or adult family member to help you do this.

Respect your Spouse’s Right to Visitation

No matter how angry you may be with your situation, do not allow your anger to boil to the point of refusing visitation to your spouse. If you want the best for your kids, ensure they maintain a good relationship with both of you. Aside from landing you with a fine, refusing visitation hurts your kids by depriving them of time with a parent. This is one of the things your divorce lawyer will want you to understand.