Chicken soup is recognized across the world in various different cultures. Many people will argue their recipe is the best, especially when most recipes are handed down from generations. It’s the go-to soup if we’re feeling unwell as it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients which benefit cold-like symptoms.

Even though it’s one of the easiest soups to make, with so many variations it can be overwhelming knowing how to make chicken soup and which ingredients are right for you.

If you want to know how to make chicken noodle soup, or how to make chicken broth soup, keep reading for tips on starting or improving on your own recipe.

  1. High-Quality Chicken

Over 90% of people love soup. When making chicken soup it’s always better to use fresh ingredients, and more beneficial to use a whole chicken.

Once cut into parts, the darker meat such as the legs and thighs contains more fat which will produce a richer flavor. The white meat from the breast and wings is leaner but needs seasoning to produce a stronger flavor.

When you’re learning how to make chicken soup, it’s good to know the source of the animals and how they were raised. Free-range chicken is known to be tastier as the chickens have a higher protein content.

  1. Broth vs Stock

Though they look the same, the broth is made from the meat whereas the stock is mostly bones. While both are delicious in chicken soup, the bones for the stock must be simmered down to draw out the collagen to make gelatin. This makes for a much more flavorsome soup though it’s a long process, usually better for thicker soups.

Making chicken broth is much quicker, though the consistency isn’t as thick. This makes it more suited to chicken noodle soup in particular. The added chicken meat helps with the flavor, however, the chicken may become tough if cooked for too long.

If you don’t have the time to make your own chicken stock, check out for the best stock cubes.

  1. Fragrance

The flavor is key. If you choose to add white chicken meat in your soup, you’ll need vegetables and seasoning that will enhance the taste. Strong flavors like ginger, thyme, and garlic are great when added gradually.

Like the chicken, it’s better to use fresh herbs but if that’s unavailable to you then dried herbs work well too.

By using root vegetables such as carrots, onions, and parsnips, you increase the overall health benefits of the soup. Root vegetables in particular are full of fiber and antioxidants.

Are You Ready to Learn How to Make Chicken Soup?

Now that you have a better understanding of how to make chicken soup, you’ll be able to create your own personal recipe in no time.

Chicken soup is just as healthy without meat and can be easily adapted. Try it with tofu or other meat alternatives and combinations.

No matter what kind of flavors you add to your chicken soup, it comes down to personal preference. You’ll learn as you go what works for you and what doesn’t.

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