Divorce is a difficult road, often unclear, emotional, and long. If you’re one of the unfortunate couples who decided to take your relationships down that bleak path, a Milwaukee divorce lawyer can help you through the legal process. Divorce happens for different reasons. You can blame infidelity, money problems, or maybe you simply can’t stand your partner’s snoring and teeth-grinding.

We will now look into the top 5 grounds for divorce in Milwaukee.

  • Marital or spousal incompatibility

Marital incompatibility refers to a situation where the partners in a marriage are no longer compatible with each other. Although it is not one of the grounds for absolute divorce, incompatibility can be one of the reasons why the spouses cannot resume cohabitation.

In some cases, couples find it impossible to reconcile their differences, and are, therefore, unable to keep up the marital bond. Irreconcilable differences or areas of disagreement are often too extreme or beyond repair. Such problems can lead to a final break in marriage.

  • Extramarital relationships and affairs

A marital infidelity or extramarital relationship is one that involves a spouse and other parties outside of the marriage. This ground is considered a solid reason for seeking divorce by a great number of married couples. In fact, up to 70% of all divorces are the result of infidelity.

The majority of states in the U.S. allow their citizens to file for divorce if they can prove that the other party had committed marital infidelity or intimacy with someone else other than their spouse.

  • Domestic violence

Domestic violence is considered to be a major contributor to the breakup of marriages. When a wife or a husband is subjected to physical and emotional abuse from their partner, marriage counseling is often useless.

  • Ongoing mental health issues

When one or both spouses of marriage suffer from mental health issues, sometimes it becomes impossible for them to overcome their problems. Such conditions are also difficult to live with. And as a result, mental conditions are often the major cause of the breakdown of marriages. You need to be mentally healthy to be able to establish and maintain a marriage.

  • Workaholism

Workaholism is also a good reason for marital infidelity. When a spouse becomes too deeply engrossed in their work, the quality of their relationship with the other partner is bound to deteriorate. This is why workaholic spouses should always find a way to cut down their working hours, if not retire.