With our Android tips and tricks, you can get the most out of Google Android and Android smartphones. Unlike the Apple iPhone, the Android world like LG MS323 Optimus L70 specs  is split into many different hardware platforms from various manufacturers and Android versions. Also, the actual Android OS is often hidden under the manufacturer’s user interfaces. This inevitably means that not every tip works on all devices or with all Android versions.

  1. Importing Contacts From Outlook And Outlook Express

Export your contacts in Outlook / Outlook Express as a CVS file (under Outlook 2010, you will find the menu for this under “File, Open, Import,” Export to file, Comma-separated values ​​(Windows You can then import this CSV file into Google mail (“Contacts, further actions, import”). The former Outlook contacts are already available on your Android smartphone. If Google Android detects duplicate contacts, it will merge them.

Tip: Organize your Outlook contacts before exporting and sort out contacts you no longer need.

  1. Copy Contacts From SIM Card

Importing the contact data from an old SIM card to the new smartphone is much more straightforward: Insert the old SIM card and select “Contacts, Menu key, Import, Import from SIM card.”

It is the apps from the Android market that turn a smartphone into a Swiss knife and egg-laying woolly milk pig. But: Don’t worry about installing every app you come across. This applies to apps from Google’s Android Market and apps from other sources (so that you can install such apps at all, you have to allow them under Settings, Applications, Unknown Sources). The security concept of android is based crucially because every app stays within its sandbox, i.e., within the storage area assigned to it and within its virtual machine.

  1. Read The Permissions Of An App Carefully

Before the installation, android informs you which areas the newly installed app can access in the future (this information is in the app’s manifest). Please read this information carefully and then decide whether you agree with it. If a simple eBook needs access to system settings, text messages, and calls, you should think twice about whether the apps are worth it to you. And if necessary, refuse the installation. Sometimes it happens that an app that has already been installed on your smartphone later wants more rights. Therefore, you should read this assignment of rights carefully, even when updating, and decide against it if necessary.