Are you moving out but can’t get everything settled into your new place just yet? Do you need some extra space to keep your belongings? It may be time to look into renting a storage unit to help you get things in order. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to find a storage facility in your area that will be able to accommodate whatever amount of space you need. It’s all just a few clicks away.

Storage Needs


Finding extra space storage is as simple as going to This can lead you to a directory of self-storage units and storage facilities that are just miles from your residence, office, or future home. When looking into a quote for a storage unit, you’ll want to assess the amount of space you’ll truly need. You don’t want to end up spending a lot of money on a unit just to have a good amount of it empty throughout the year. Be sure to evaluate the size options at your disposal upon making a reservation in a facility.

Some storage facilities have offerings for extra room for things like vehicles and boats to make sure they are safe for intermittent seasonal use. You may want to look into climate-controlled units depending on the belongings that are going inside these self-storage units. This will ensure that the quality of these items is kept in pristine condition, which could make storage space like this an asset for operating your business.

Customer Service


One of the crucial elements of a storage facility is making sure that customers feel that they are not only getting the most for their money but that their items are safe around the clock. This starts with proper surveillance, having video and audio monitoring units 24/7. Most storage facilities will employ the use of a gate with an access code or key to gain access to a parking lot to load or unload from a unit. Some storage facilities will also make sure that there are security officers on the grounds at all hours to walk the grounds and take protection a step further.

Proper customer service is also crucial from the time that a reservation for a storage unit is put in place. Beyond the quote process, unit renters want to make sure that they have ways to reach out with any concerns. They’ll also look into facilities that offer up assistants to help with the move-in and move-out process when the self-storage unit is being utilized. Ensuring this great experience makes a renter feel more comfortable leaving items in that storage space, and with the overall storage facility.

Discounts and Specials


If you’re in the market for a storage unit, you may want to look into the discounts that some storage facilities are making available to newcomers. With a recent boom in travel brought on by loosening COVID-19 restrictions, more people are relying on storage units for temporary stowing. This has led some facilities to offer up rebates for the first month of rental or discounted rates for a particular span of time.

A storage facility that is close to a college or university may offer up discounts for dorming students to store their items while they’re away for the winter or summer breaks. This saves the student the hassle of moving everything back home for a few months and makes for easy relocation if they have to switch to another dormitory. Don’t hesitate to ask a storage facility about any other applicable discounts through different organizations or workplaces. Before you know it, you’ll have the safe storage unit that you or your loved ones need.





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