Did you know that about 18 million American men have ED? Erectile dysfunction disorder is defined as the inability to develop or maintain an adequate erection for sexual intercourse.

Sure, sex isn’t the same as it was in your 20s as you get older, but it may still be enjoyable. Contrary to popular belief, sex isn’t only for teenagers, and many aging men continue to enjoy their sexuality well into their 80s and beyond.

Healthy sex life is not only pleasurable, but it is also beneficial to other areas of your life, such as physical health and self-esteem. If you’ve been trying to figure out the fun senior sex puzzle, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of how to improve your own male sex drive.

Aging Men and Libido: Understanding the Physiology

Let’s start with some of the basics of the physicality of older people. First, testosterone levels fall as men age, and alterations in sexual function are typical. The following are examples of physiological changes.

You’ll need more stimulation is required to attain and maintain erection and orgasm, and you’ll be experiencing shorter orgasms. Also, ejaculation is less vigorous, and there is less ejaculated semen. Then, after ejaculation, it takes longer to get another erection.

You may be worried about these changes, but keep in mind that they don’t have to stop you from having fun with sex. Trying to adapt to your changing body can aid in the maintenance of a healthy and fulfilling sexual life. To get aroused, you may need to change your sexual routine to incorporate additional stimulation.

Senior Sex and Biological Issues

Your physical well-being may have a significant effect on your sexual life and performance. Sex and intimacy are made more difficult by poor health or chronic health problems such as heart disease or arthritis.

Sexual function may be affected by various procedures and medicines, including blood pressure medications, antidepressants, antihistamines, and even acid-blocking agents.

Don’t give up, however. You and your partner may try out different methods to work around your restrictions.

If you’re concerned about having sex after a heart attack, for example, discuss your worries with your doctor. If arthritis pain is a concern, try various sexual positions or heat before or after sexual behavior to relieve joint discomfort.

Maintain a good attitude and concentrate on methods of being sexual and intimate that are comfortable for both you and your partner.

Dissecting the Potential Causes of ED

If you’re having difficulty getting an erection, it’s because your penis isn’t getting enough blood. It may be softer now than when you were younger, or it could be too soft for intercourse.

However, erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of something more severe. You’ll want to visit a urologist or general doctor for an examination if you see the issue is becoming substantially worse rather than happening regularly.

Some studies have indicated that ED may be a sign of heart illness, and research published online advised that even men with moderate ED be tested for heart disease.

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, certain medicines, stress, and depression are all possible reasons for ED in an older man, making an assessment an essential first step for a guy over 60 who has sexual difficulties.

It’s crucial to look into a man’s past. Some guys can obtain an erection, but they can’t keep it for sexual activity. The procedure is usually gradual, and a lack of blood supply usually causes it to the penis that develops over time, and we’re more than capable of correcting it.

There may be some wear and tear as a consequence of age, but we can assist. Men’s sexual function is an important aspect of their quality of life, and physicians must pay attention.

A urologist might give you jelqing exercises to do. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you can find out here all the information you need.

Maintaining Good Health for Older People

Keep an eye on your waistline. High blood pressure, excessive blood sugar, and high cholesterol may contribute to vascular issues that cause erection difficulties. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and maintaining a healthy weight.

Avoiding high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease may reduce the frequency — or at least postpone the start — of erection difficulties.

Also, you’ll want to prioritize your comfort. Find methods to feel better if arthritis or chronic pain makes sex less pleasurable. Use cushions for support or try a different posture that is gentler on your body.

For example, if you have back discomfort, have sex side-by-side rather than in the missionary position, which may aggravate the pain.

Schedule sex for when you’re at your most energetic. Take a warm bath or take some pain medication if you need it ahead of time to help you relax.

How Emotions Can Affect Male Sex Drive

Now that we’ve covered many biological elements that can affect your sex life, it’s time to explore how emotions can affect your sex life.

Emotional problems may influence your sexuality at any age. Because they have fewer disturbances, more privacy and time, and no concerns about pregnancy, many older couples report higher pleasure with their sex life.

On the other hand, some older people are stressed by health issues, financial worries, and other lifestyle changes. Depression may make you less interested in and want sex. You’ll need to talk to your doctor or a counselor if you think you’re depressed.

Let’s explore the way you can improve both your emotional and mental health. After all, for you and your spouse, sex may not be the same as it was when you were younger.

Sex and intimacy, on the other hand, may continue to be enjoyable aspects of your life. Here are some suggestions for having a sexual life that is both healthy and pleasurable.

Communicate and Take To Your Partner

It’s normal for couples to have sexual urges that aren’t compatible. If this is the case, couples should talk openly about what matters to them sexually and attempt to reach an agreement that meets both of their needs.

In a sexual relationship, one person may choose to concentrate on closeness, while the other may prefer to focus on the erectile elements of sexual activity.

Other than intercourse, there are numerous methods to feel intimacy and pleasure, so you may want to try manual, oral, and mechanical kinds of stimulation to satisfy each other’s requirements. Make an effort to be open to new experiences. In other words, find out what your spouse wants and then tell them what you want.

Expand Your Sexual Knowledge

Make an appointment with a sex therapist.

With particular problems, a therapist may be able to assist you and your spouse. Request a recommendation from your doctor.
Extend your sex definition.
One method to have a happy sex life is to engage in intercourse. You and your spouse may benefit from touching, kissing, and another personal contact.

It’s natural for you and your spouse to have varied sexual skills and demands as you get older. Be willing to try new things when it comes to sexual touch and intimacy.

Adjust Your Daily Routine

Simple adjustments may make a big difference in your sex life. Change the time of day you have sex to when you are at your most energetic. Instead of doing it after a hard day, try it in the morning when you’re fresh after a good night’s sleep.

Take extra time to set the scene for romance since it may take longer for you or your spouse to get aroused. Experiment with different sexual positions or find new methods to connect emotionally and sexually.

Stay Romantic

It may be tough to envision beginning a new relationship after losing your spouse, but many single seniors find that socializing is well worth the effort. The desire for emotional connection and intimacy is something that no one ever outgrows.

Use a condom while starting an intimate connection with a new partner. Many senior citizens are unaware that they are still susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and gonorrhea.

Ready to Better Your Sex Life?

Whenever our sex life takes a hit, our emotional health, and self-worth dive as well. The trick is to always keep in mind that our sexual drives are linked to many different factors that aren’t necessarily in our control.

We hope that our guide has shed some light on the ways aging men can improve their libido and take care of themselves no matter their age.

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