There are close to 2 billion acres of land in the United States. You need to know the right time to sell if you own some. A vacant land sale can net you huge profits if you time everything well.

Timing is everything, but it can be challenging to gauge when to hold or sell a property. If you sell land right before a market change, you could miss out on a golden opportunity.

If you need some guidance about land sales, check out this guide. Here, we discuss some factors you need to consider when selling land. Read on to find out all you need to know about selling vacant land.

Sell After You Get a Site Assessment

Get an environmental site assessment done before selling your land. Ensure that your land is contaminant-free before putting it on the market. You don’t want to pass a Superfund site on to a new owner.

Doing so is a great way to get hindered by litigation and face fines or jail time. Environmental tests such as soil and water samples are cheap and easy to carry out. They will give you peace of mind when selling land.

Have a Vacant Land Sale While the Market’s Up

A “hot” real estate market is one where your property is valued highly. Real estate market trends shift all the time. Sometimes properties are overvalued or undervalued depending on the state of the market.

The ideal approach to buying and selling land is to buy your land for cheap during a dip in the market. You only want to sell your land once the market goes up again, and you can sell your land for more than you paid for it.

Sell Your Land When You Don’t Need It

You may have big profitable plans for your vacant land. If you do, don’t sell it right away. See what fruits your endeavors can bear. Sometimes, however, not everything works out as planned.

If you no longer have a plan for your land, selling it can be a great opportunity. Don’t let your vacant land stagnate. Earn some money by selling it to someone else who can put it to good use.

Sell Your Land Before You Buy More

If you see some land for sale that you would like to purchase, try selling off some of your other holdings to finance it.

If you can time the market right, the profits from your old vacant land can help you upgrade to a better property.

You Can No Longer Afford Property Taxes

Sometimes the property taxes on your land can be too much of a financial burden for you to handle. If this is the case, you should sell your land to avoid bankrupting yourself with taxes.

Your best bet may be to sell your land without a realtor so you can take home the most profits. Continue reading about this method here.

Make Profitable Land Deals

A vacant land sale can be an excellent way to earn extra income. If you time the market right and make wise purchasing and sales decisions, you will be successful.

Use the information in this guide to time your vacant land transactions properly. If you found the information in this article compelling, check back with our site again soon for other pieces like it.