In reality, very few business founders have a well-stocked bank account and a well-furnished corporate headquarters when they start out. All of an entrepreneur’s time and money are committed in developing their business. In order to succeed, there is no room for wasting time or money. Virtual phone systems are becoming more popular among small business owners throughout the globe as a result.

On-the-go productivity

You may work from anywhere in the world using a virtual phone system. Waiting at your workstation for an important phone call or fax is unnecessary. Voicemails and faxes are transmitted to your email as PDF attachments, and calls are automatically routed to your cell phone. You may go on sales calls or meet with suppliers while still being linked to your business thanks to this unparalleled flexibility.

Simple call redirection

When you’re gone from the workplace, call screening prevents you from being overwhelmed by phone calls. Take the phone and choose one of the screening options: hear the caller’s phone number, send the caller to voicemail, or answer the call. Using this feature, you may avoid the stress of a long talk when you just cannot afford it. Callers are placed on hold and are unaware of this until they reach your voicemail box.

Presenting oneself in a professional manner

Small enterprises and start-ups may be hectic. Even if your company’s processes aren’t perfect (yet), you don’t want your customers to know it. Small business owners who work from home or other unconventional workspaces will appreciate this solution for its ability to give them a professional image regardless of where they are really sitting. The toll-free, vanity, and local phone numbers are all included in Grasshopper’s service. Additionally, you may choose a bespoke principal greeting. For a more professional-sounding introduction for your callers, record your company’s welcome yourself or use our voice studio. Callers may use a company-wide name directory once you greet them. In addition, you may play music or customized advertisements while customers are waiting for service.

Developing together with your company

Because your goal is to have a really successful business, there’s no need to be constrained by your phone system. Your phone system should grow with your business. There are no limits on the number of extensions you may add to your Grasshopper account. It’s as easy as that! There are a variety of call forwarding, voicemail, and message delivery options available for each employee to customize their individual experience.

The best possible experience for both employees and clients

A company’s profits are directly linked to the performance of its employees and the satisfaction of its customers. Grasshopper, for example, is a virtual phone service that may meet both of these objectives. Employees may work wherever they are since they have access to company and customer calls at any time of the day or night. All of your employees may be linked together using the built-in conference calling features.


Grasshopper also provides unlimited call handling in order to maintain the highest level of customer care. In other words, callers will never hear “busy” while trying to reach someone. No matter how many individuals try to get in touch, they may all be put on hold and transferred to the next available staff.