Please welcome Chris Salm as growth project manager and Spanish translator to the NGPF team. Here is her essay on what motivated her to join NGPF.

After living in Spain for many years, I had decided that hosting a mega Thanksgiving feast could be my way of thanking many friends and colleagues who had helped me settle in a foreign country. If you know a lot about Spain, you already know that a seemingly easy task in my hometown of Wisconsin wouldn’t be so easy in Madrid. I got the turkey from a farmer, divided into portions because Spanish ovens are generally not big enough. I’ve enlisted relatives in the United States with tasks like sending brown sugar, a casserole dish, and some canned cranberry sauce. I asked friends for a location and found a house just outside the capital that had a dining room big enough for 30 people with two ovens in the kitchen. I took the train to Paris, France, where my aunt and uncle lived, to track down an essential Thanksgiving vegetable, and my personal favorite, the rutabaga.

I made a plan and started cooking, because each dessert took 3x as long in a Spanish oven! It took 3 days, 6 grocery stores, 4 helpers, 15 dishes and 30 people from all walks of life to make it the best and most memorable Thanksgiving I’ve ever experienced or hosted. It was a lot of work, but I loved it. The best part? NGPF is going to be my next mega Thanksgiving feast, metaphorically speaking, of course.

During my time as a Spanish teacher in New York, I also worked as a freelance translator. And when NGPF reached out to me about offering their personal finance curriculum in Spanish, I was more than happy to help. I was fortunate that my first jobs were in banking and tax preparation, so I understood first hand the benefit a person has from being given the tools of financial education early in life. Here at NGPF my passions for Spanish, personal finance and project management have all come together! Joining NGPF as a Growth Project Manager gives me the opportunity to help organize the details and, with everyone’s help, make the whole enterprise greater than the sum of its parts.

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