In 2022, over two million happy couples will tie the knot and celebrate with their loved ones. 

Planning your big day can feel overwhelming because there are so many choices to make, from choosing the bride’s wedding dress to a menu everyone adores. But the hardest decision is choosing a theme that will set the tone for the entire celebration. Perhaps you’re currently struggling to choose a theme and you’re searching the web for inspiration. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best wedding themes that have everyone talking.  


As the name suggests, the most popular weddings come under the classic category. This is where you’d expect the bride to wear an elegant, white dress and it’s a formal affair, complete with a sit-down meal for the loved ones.

But aside from the ambiance, classic weddings stir emotion, whether it’s rose bouquets dotted around the venue to an incredible vocalist belting out Frank Sinatra jams.


Not all couples enjoy traditional types of weddings, which is why a modern theme could be more appealing.

In this option, you embrace simplicity by leaning into contemporary textures like marble or metallics. You can be creative choosing table linen and ask the bartender to whip up a signature cocktail to commemorate your big day. It also means you can tone it down with the cake design and swap bouquets for terrariums or succulents.

And, to complete the day, treat the guests to a mesmerizing firework display at the end of the night. If this tickles your fancy, then read more here to learn more. 


As a lovely couple, you may want to go further down the alternative route, especially if you’re both buzzing with ideas. The beauty of this type of wedding theme is that it embraces all forms of counterculture, whether it’s dressing up at your favorite TV characters or walking down the aisle donning steampunk goggles.

You can also embrace the alternative wedding theme by wearing extravagant makeup, completing your look with leather jackets, and adding metallic touches to your decor.  


The wedding industry thrives on a particular theme and that is everything glamorous. Like a traditional celebration, glam weddings explode with sparkles, from the candles to velvet chairs.

Regardless of your budget, you can add a jaw-dropping detail like a flower wall or book Michelin-starred catering. You should also seek elegant venues such as a ballroom or a sleek rooftop overlooking the New York skyline.   


Free-spirited couples should consider a bohemian wedding theme by asking guests to wear flowers in their hair and have the ceremony in the country. Most boho weddings are laid-back and follow a natural color palette, so plenty of greens and beiges. You should also choose a dreamy venue like a ranch in Joshua Tree or your local botanic garden. 


If you’re both goths, then use this energy in your wedding celebration. It’s no surprise, but use black as your main color palette and keep a blood-red bouquet on every table. You should also cover the entire venue in candles and hire a gothic rock band to play the soundtrack of your big day.  

DIY Party

Still stumped on wedding theme ideas? Then, host a charming DIY wedding in your yard or large outdoor space.

Not only will the event be intimate, but couples can save a fortune choosing this theme. You can imbue your personality in quirky furniture, lanterns, and even handcrafted paper flower bouquets. And if you’re strapped for cash, ask a loved one to man the BBQ or order baked goods from your favorite bakery for a personalized dessert bar.


Couples who love everything old-school should embrace a vintage wedding theme. For instance, you could go back to the ‘20s by asking guests to wear flapper dresses and hiring a jazz band to get everyone jiving on the dance floor. You could even hire a classic car for transportation to complete the vintage theme.  


Nautical weddings have always been a favorite for ocean-loving couples, especially if you’re a fan of cruises or met while sailing. Make sure you use navy blue as a color palette, ask guests to wear sandals, and cover the venue or boat in anchors and sails. You should also serve seafood dishes but offer an alternative so you can cater towards vegans or veggies. 

Fairytale Wedding

Live out your fairytale fantasies by taking inspiration from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White. Get the groom to dress up as Prince Charming while the bride wears an extravagant dress to make a statement. Or, if you’re a fan of Frozen, host the celebration at a winter venue and use silver decorations to complete the theme. 


Honor your Southern heritage by basing your wedding around it. Find a banquet hall where you can offer guests sweet refreshments and Southern-style classics like fried chicken or mac and cheese. You should also add vintage touches to your decor and get guests to play beloved lawn games like croquet for an unforgettable time.  

Try These Best Wedding Themes

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll choose from the best wedding themes mentioned. 

The beauty of celebrations is the wealth of options, whether you want to bring your traditional-style wedding to life or add a gothic flair. You could also take inspiration from your favorite fairytale or tie the knot surrounded by wildflowers in your boho chic wedding and loved ones. Whichever you choose, have the best time!  

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