Marketing has come a long way since we learned of its existence in the Mesopotamian societies of 1500 BCE. But we could deduce that it is something that we humans do naturally, especially if it was happening so long ago and has continued throughout history.

Skip forward to the present day, many types of marketing companies have become sophisticated and dynamic in their approach to the discipline. In this quick guide, we’d like to explore some of the marketing company types which stand out as clear players in our modern age.

Digital Marketing Companies

Now at the forefront of marketing en masse, digital marketing companies help millions of businesses and individuals every day to get their message out to the world. We’re experiencing a digital revolution now where people can have a voice through the internet, and digital marketing companies have expertise in helping people do this.

There are various aspects of digital marketing to discuss. However, one of the main areas that help businesses get seen and heard online is through search engine optimization (SEO). Here you can find out what SEO is all about, and you may find it to be the best SEO agency for your needs.

Traditional Marketing Agencies

Although the internet has taken us by storm, there are still traditional marketing agencies that are seeing a revival of sorts. These agencies tend to deal with traditional media forms like TV, radio, billboards, print, and direct mail.

The issue with these forms of advertising compared to internet marketing is they can be expensive for a small business owner. However, when a market is overcrowded in the digital realm, turning to traditional advertising can give companies a competitive edge.


Telemarketing is often seen now as a more aggressive way of selling your services or products. It’s the hard sell, so to speak!

But, whether you like it or not, it could be the best marketing company for your needs. The important thing with this type of marketing is having a competent sales team that can sell your product or service. Many companies now outsource their telemarketing needs to professional companies with a talented sales force. 

Branding and Design Firms

Last on the list we have branding and design firms. These are firms that specialize in developing a company’s image.

They also use sophisticated techniques to design imagery for ad campaigns. For instance, they may use psychological methods to portray a service or product, and the company in a particular way. We’re even seeing these types of firms help with the phenomenon of retro branding.

In many cases now you will see that these types of firms are integrated into digital marketing and traditional marketing companies.

Types of Marketing Companies Explained

There are many types of marketing companies around these days. They may categorize themselves in various ways, too. In the end, we have to say digital marketing is taking a strong lead at the moment and should not be underestimated.

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