Trees are the vehicles that purify our air and convert carbon monoxide to oxygen. But, their value exceeds even these benefits. They prevent erosion and help conserve water from pollution.

In the past, trees were elevated to sacred positions of society. Some cultures worshipped these beautiful plants and sanctified them.

Trees were worshipped by the Celts and Norwegian cultures for centuries. But, today, we care for our trees with tree surgeons. What is a tree surgeon? They are the modern-day caretakers of the forest. 

We may not worship trees anymore, but this does not mean we do not value them. Curious to learn what these experts do? Keep reading to find out more!

What Is a Tree Surgeon? 

You probably don’t know that trees need doctors too! A healthy or sick tree needs some attention from time to time from a professional. A professional tree surgeon is trained in the care and maintenance of trees. 

These professionals know how to diagnose disease and treat disease. But, they do so much more than just this. Often, they care for the trees from start to finish. They see the trees in their infancy and care for them throughout their lives. 

Some of you may be wondering how this differs from an arborist? Or, a landscaper? Generally speaking, it has to do with the extent of the care they provide. 

Landscapers generally care for a large number of properties. They do not give one-on-one attention to specific gardens and their trees. Typically these are commercial companies that take care of numerous properties. 

They care for numerous plants and garden beds, aside from just trees. They also lay stones and build patios. In this manner, a tree surgeon differs in the level of focus they provide exclusively to trees. 

Is a Tree Surgeon an Arborist? 

An arborist is someone who specializes in care and diagnosis. They may perform some basic care for a tree (spraying the tree for example). But, they do not typically engage in tree removal or maintenance. 

They are more of the doctor of trees. They diagnose the tree’s symptoms and prescribe treatments. After the diagnosis is complete, a tree surgeon can help remedy the problem. 

There is some overlap between an arborist or arboriculturist and a tree surgeon. But, the major distinctions lie in the primary function of their jobs. One mainly focuses on diagnosis while the other cares and treats the illness. 

What Do Tree Surgeons Primarily Do? 

Tree surgeons primarily perform all major functions pertaining to tree care. They typically plant and maintain trees. This includes trimming them once or twice a tear. Check them for infections.

But, it also includes tasks such as removing large sections of the tree, or removal. If the tree is in very bad shape, they may need to remove the tree entirely. 

Tree surgeons also perform logging work. This type of work includes removing large sections of forests and preparing the logs for industrial use. We will look at some of these primary functions below. 

Tree Planting

Planting trees is not a simple task. It requires that you find the most ideal place for planting the tree. It also entails preparing the ground for your new sapling to take root. 

Sometimes, they need to wrap the roots of the tree when they first plant it. This helps the tree grow evenly and prevents it from getting too big too fast.

Tree Removal 

Tree removal is an important part of tree care. Trees sometimes get infected or diseased. If they are, the tree could pass on this disease to another neighboring tree.

If so, it is important that you have this tree removed, roots and all. Otherwise, you might need to remove a lot of your trees. 

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is helpful in a similar manner to why trimming your hair is important. Trees need to have their old branches removed so that new fresh branches can take over.

Fresh branches are less susceptible to disease and infection. They provide the tree with young, flexible branches able to resist the wind and storms. 

Felling Trees and Logging 

Felling trees and tree logging are connected types of services. Loggers trim and remove large amounts of trees from a region. They may do this to remove old trees and permit fresh trees to take over. 

But, logging can be a dangerous job. Loggers use dangerous equipment such as wood grinders and woodcutters. They scale the sides of trees and use saws and very sharp mechanical machinery. 

Loggers insurance is an important part of protecting these people while they work. It helps ensure they get the help they need in case of an emergency or accident. 

Logging and felling trees can be dangerous, but proper precautions can help prevent injuries. Their work is so essential, though. The care they provide to trees and forests helps prolong the life of a tree. And, when they can not be cured, they ensure the wood does not go to waste.

What Is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon may seem like an all-in-one tree service expert. You might have wondered what is a tree surgeon compared to other tree experts? Essentially, they are the ones who care for trees from day one. 

The best part of being a tree surgeon is knowing how essential your work is. Tree surgeons perform tasks that many may not notice, but they are essential. Without them, tree illness and infection would be much higher. 

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