Laser machines have the ability to  cut, scratch, engrav, and ferment . Then what can be made with a laser machine? There are so many product variants that can be done with a laser touch. Check out the explanation below based on the materials used and if you are looking for Laser metal machines visit here


Usually used to make engine parts, vehicles, frames, lids, all work related to metal workshops. Abroad, many vehicle modification places have metal laser cut machines.


Gravir  on replacing sandblast glass. You can engrave large size glass for the interior of the room, to small sizes for display in the living room. For example, family photos or pets.


As a material that is easy to shape, acrylic can be used as a variety of products. Starting from the interior of the room, various product displays such as beauty products. Then you can also make ID cards, puzzles, and various merchandise such as key chains, paperweights, table clocks, etc.

Wood, plywood, melamine, MDF, veneer

With cutting and engraving techniques, you can make various carvings for houses of worship, restaurants, or cafes. Lasers are also often used to make inlays, where one object is engraved, then the other cut material is implanted into the shape that was engraved on the first object. Various wooden items can be given a personal touch, ranging from drum sticks, guitars, skateboard boards, merchandise, photos, etc.

Various natural materials: Stones (only can be engraved), Ceramic floors, Shells, cork

This material is suitable for use in home industries that make various handicrafts. There are certain jobs that we can replace with laser machines to make them faster and more precise. Combine laser machine work with hand work to create a variety of crafts, both large and small. For example, furniture, doors, mirror frames, wall clocks, wooden lamps, etc.


Rubber is often used to make stamps, where the results obtained will be very sharp and durable. Basically all rubber materials can be cut and engraved.