The emergence of social media and travel trends among millennials has had many positive impacts in various sectors. Not only the tourism and culinary sectors, this trend also has an impact on the proliferation of property businesses, especially hotels, in tourist areas.

The proliferation of the hotel business certainly makes businessmen have to rack their brains. Now, the hotel is no longer a temporary stopover to unwind after traveling, but also a place to show existence on social media. That’s why, don’t be surprised if you find many hotels with unique concepts complete with several Instagramable spots to pamper their visitors.

  1. Interesting concept

One way you have to do to be able to participate or even win in this competition is to offer a unique hotel concept. One concept that you can apply in the hotel business later is an Instagramable hotel with attractive spots and furniture that can be used as photo spots.

This is not done without reason. The reason is, providing Instagramable corners and spots not only makes your hotel look unique, but can also be used as a free promotion tool when they upload photos or videos of their experiences while staying at your hotel.

The reason is, the traveling trend among millennials has a big enough role in this industry considering that contemporary young people want a place to stay that is practical, unique, and of course pocket-friendly.

  1. Comfort is the main thing

The next tip for opening a hotel business is to pay attention to its comfort. It’s useless for you to prepare a hotel with a unique design and many Instagramable spots, but not equipped with facilities that can provide comfort for visitors.

Well, one of the important things that you should pay attention to to pamper customers is the selection of a comfortable mattress or mattress. Before buying a mattress, you must check the level of softness and consistency of foam hardness that is just right, not too soft or dense.

In addition, you must also consider the size of the mattress and adjust it to the size of the bedroom.

One of the mattresses that you can buy is the Informa Magni Model Mattress. This memory foam mattress will follow the curves of your head, back, waist, hips, thighs, calves, and feet to provide extra comfort.

  1. Complete facilities

Providing complete facilities for hotel visitors is tips on opening the next hotel business that you need to do. Not carelessly, this is important to support the comfort of the visitors. You can equip the hotel with complete facilities, such as air conditioning, bathroom, internet, desks and chairs for work, to cupboards that you can get at the nearest Informa store or Informa Online. Of course, this facility is adjusted to the price that will be given to your hotel visitors.

  1. Pay attention to capital

Tips for opening a hotel business that is no less important is to pay attention to the capital you have. How much capital is needed to build a hotel business? This of course is adjusted to the size of the hotel that you will build. However, if the capital is not so large, you can still build a hotel with a simple concept or a budget hotel.

  1. Don’t forget research

Doing research is the most important tip before opening a hotel business. You must know in advance the intended target market, the location of the hotel you want, to the rules and norms that apply in the area. You can add Hoteling software for upgrade your system.