Did you know that there were around 11.85 million boats in the United States in 2019? If you are a boat owner and are debating between purchasing a marine speaker or a regular car speaker, we are here to break down the ins and outs of marine speakers.

Keep reading to learn why spending the extra money on marine speakers is worth it.

What’s a Marine Speaker?

Since marine speakers are meant to be in the water they are better equipped to withstand the great outdoors. This makes these speakers more durable. Weather like climate, water, salt, and humidity, do not really affect marine speakers.

Something to keep in mind is that marine speakers such as ds18.com have wiring that is different than other speakers (like car speakers).

How Do They Work?

Marine speakers allow the music and sound to project loud sounds in an open space. Unlike, car speakers that work by delivering sound to small confined spaces, giving a more quiet precision sound.

The wiring in marine speakers is protected in order for the speakers to deliver sound. Usually, the marine speaker wire is placed under a layer of waterproof material to keep them from getting damaged due to mother nature. Also, the circuit boards in marine speakers are covered in sealants to make sure the board doesn’t get wet.


One main advantage of marine speakers is that they are placed inside a waterproof enclosure. This enclosure is then sealed which gives the speakers better protection against damage from moisture and from corrosion.

Another advantage is that marine speakers have a better mid-range filter. This filter gives these speakers better sound quality at higher frequencies.


If you have a tight budget then one disadvantage is that marine speakers cost more than car speakers. The reason they cost more is that they use higher quality components in order to make them resistant to the environment.

Another disadvantage is that if something happens it will cost more to repair or replace. The fact that they are waterproof makes repairing them more difficult than repairing car speakers.

For those that choose to have more than one subwoofer in their boat, then they will also need to also buy an external amplifier. This is an added expense that might put you out of budget.

Feeling Like a Marine Speaker Pro?

We hope that now that we explained what is a marine speaker, how it works, along with its advantages and disadvantages, you are ready to shop for your own set of marine speakers. Although you can use car speakers in your new boat they are not typically a long-term investment because car speakers are not meant to withstand rain, sun, and water. Now it’s time to shop for the best marine tower speaker for your needs.

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