People have their fears about criminal convictions. In New Jersey, conviction doesn’t always mean jail time. If you are a first-time offender, the judge may suspend the jail sentence for probation. Probation will keep you out of jail, but you must abide by the terms and conditions strictly. It’s not uncommon for people to run into trouble when on probation, and if that happens, you may want to hire a New Jersey probation attorney at the earliest. 

Things to understand 

Immediately after the hearing, you will be asked to report to the nearest probation office. An officer will be assigned to your case. Depending on the circumstances of the case, you may have to deal with strict probation conditions. This may include regular reporting to probation officers, submitting drug/alcohol tests, adhering to a curfew, and electronic monitoring. In some cases, the person may have to complete community service and may be prevented from possessing firearms. So, what happens if you violate your probation conditions? If the officer reports the same to court, an arrest warrant will be issued. You will have to spend time in jail in such circumstances with no right to bail, until the next hearing. 

How can a probation attorney help?

Consequences of probation violations can be severe. Your probation term may be increased, terms and conditions related to the probation may change, and if you are under unsupervised probation, you may be switched under supervision. Just because you did something wrong during the probation period doesn’t necessarily mean revocation. This is where your lawyer has a big role to play. They can talk to the prosecutor and negotiate further, so that you don’t have to go back to jail. Probation hearings are unique in many ways, as you don’t have the right to a jury trial. Even when you have violated conditions, your criminal defense lawyer can present adequate explanations and can offer mitigating factors. 

Call an attorney at the earliest

Make sure that you follow the conditions of your probation without a mistake. If you end up in trouble, don’t delay in calling a criminal defense lawyer. Find an attorney with experience of such cases, and ask them about what you can expect from the hearing. Your lawyer will guide you on your options and their strategy for the case.  Their expertise and understanding of laws can be incredibly useful for minimizing the consequences and avoiding jail time.