“Home is for learning and not for perfection.” In the must-listen podcast episode this week, Nicole Homan — author of They Call Me Mama — shares lessons she learned as a mom of 14 kids.

She tells the story of their unexpected journey to expand their family to 16 (14 children + parents), what it’s really like to have such a full house, how she finds time for rest, mantras that help her through, the pain of failed adoption, and how to have the courage to say yes to God’s call—even when you’re totally afraid of it.

This episode is so full of truth and inspiration. I came out of this interview as encouraged and motivated as a mother. I think every mom should listen to it (and even if you’re not a mom, you’ll get a lot from her wise words!)

In this episode

[00:34] – Welcome to a new episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[02:01] – Nicole introduces herself.

[03:39] – Were you planning to have children right away when you first got married?

[05:50] – Nicole found out she was pregnant just before their first adoption. And their family quickly grew to 10 — in unexpected ways.

[09:00] – What advice, what encouragement would you have for someone who, they want to get out but fear is holding them back?

[11:11] – Were there times when you thought, “what did we say yes to”?

[13:13] – What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by the clutter and noise?

[15:08] – How do you cultivate silence in your heart?

[16:48] – Nicole shares super practical tips for moms to get some quiet time when you have a lot of little ones.

[19:23] – Nicole shares the unexpected story of how they went from 10 kids to 14 kids.

[23:10] – The pain of a failed adoption.

[25:05] – If you could go back twenty years ago and talk to yourself, what would you say?

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