You want to diffuse your favorite essential oil. You only want a few drops, and you wait for a drop to come out of the bottle. You wait and wait until you become impatient and start to shake or tap the bottle. 

Now, the essential oil poured out, and you don’t know how many drops you just used, and it may be too strong now. This frustration does not have to happen if you use droppers for essential oils.   

Do you want to learn more about the types of essential oil droppers? Then keep reading on to learn more. 

Why Choose Essential Oil Droppers?

Essential oil droppers allow you to measure out drops more accurately and quickly than standard essential oil bottles tops. 

They make using essential oils easier, and it is a valuable tool when making your own essential oil blends. When making your essential oil blends of one or more scents having the correct number of drops becomes necessary for that blend.

For example, if you want to blend rosemary and peppermint oils together, you will want a certain amount of each oil mixed. If you were to use too much of one, you run into the risk of just smelling and benefiting from one of the essential oils instead of an equal blend of both.

Types of Essential Oil Droppers

Essential oil droppers come in certain specifications. For example, they can be in either plastic or glass droppers, horizontal droppers, or vertical droppers. 

Horizontal droppers and vertical droppers are similar, but how you use them differ. Horizontal essential oil droppers work great for thinner products, such as many essential oils. However, some thicker or sticky essential oils may benefit from vertical droppers. 

Glass works best for essential oil droppers, because certain essential oils can damage plastic over time. 

How to Use Essential Oil Droppers 

To use a horizontal dropper, you will tip the bottle to about a 135-degree angle.

If you are having difficulties trying to tap the bottle once. Tapping the bottle should help to allow the essential oil and air to exchange. The air will enter the tube through the air tube, and the essential oil will flow through the small holes near the air tubes.

A vertical essential oil dropper works similar to the horizontal essential oil dropper, except for how you hold the bottle and dropper. Instead of using a 135-degree angle, you can hold the bottle at a vertical or 180-degree angle.

You may still need to tap the bottle once to help with the air exchange with a vertical dropper.

Essential Oil Droppers vs. Rollerballs

Many people enjoy applying essential oils directly to the skin. However, it is important to use caution when applying some types of essential oils to the skin. Some essential oils can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

Roller bottles are one option that people choose to apply essential oils to the skin. These roller bottles allow you to evenly and easily distribute the oils to your skin with a rollerball made of glass, stainless steel, or plastic.

This reduces the risk of using too much, and can help reduce skin irritation caused by using too much of the oils. When using rollerballs, you could be using too much and not know it since you do not know how many drops you are using.

Try an Essential Oil Dropper Today 

Whether you want to diffuse your favorite essential oil and want to make sure you only use a certain number of drops, want to make your own essential oil blends, or apply essential oils to your skin, essential oil droppers are a valuable tool to use. 

Essential oil droppers are easy to use, and there are a few types you can choose from.

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