Forget about beauty being in the beholder’s eye. 

If you love wearing makeup, embrace and appreciate it. After all, many people love the ritual of putting on makeup. Doing it with friends or sharing this interest with others is also part of making cosmetics fun to use. 

Now, if you’re a newbie, learning about current makeup trends is a good starting point. If you’re a longtime enthusiast, though, trends are still worth knowing, considering these are cyclical. The more you know about the trends, the better you can put to use the products that may already be in your collection.

That said, let’s talk about some of 2022’s best makeup trends.

Face Gems

While highlighting your face is still popular, it’s time to go bolder with face gems. Also called “tiny rhinies,” face gems add a little sparkle to the brow bone, eyes, and cheeks.

If you find this trend intimidating, try to use smaller gems. You can also learn about eye makeup tips that work with face gems if you like the minimal look. 

Of course, if you’re a maximalist, you don’t have to limit yourself to face gems. Try pearls, gold foil, etc., and use them on your lips, nose bridge, and so on.

Thin Brows

Did you think the cosmetic trends of the early 200s are gone forever? 

Well, they’re back, and even the most controversial ones like thin brows are making a comeback. That means if you’re frustrated that you’ll never have full, bushy brows, this is your time to shine.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can forget about brow-grooming products. Thin or thick brows still need to be groomed, as they’re essential features for framing the face.

Same Color Palette

Monochromatic looks are a godsend to those learning how to wear makeup. No more guessing what colors to use for eyeshadows or which blush tone goes with their lipstick.

By using one color palette for the eyes, cheeks, and lips, you can create a sophisticated look in almost an instant. Neutral shades are best for this trend, but opting for warmer colors is a foolproof technique.

Creamy Eye Shadows

The best makeup brands have released their versions of liquid eye shadows. If you haven’t tried them, you’ll love them for their color payoff and ease of use.

Since cream products tend to crease, it’s best to go for premium formulas. These require only one layer for application, and they also don’t dry up, unlike their cheaper counterparts. 

Other Makeup Trends You’ll Have Fun With

Did the liquid eye shadow trend excite you? Beyond researching the best makeup for different eye colors, there are more exciting trends worth trying.

These include camouflaged or softer contour, lower lash line designs, glossy lips, and an emphasis on natural lashes. By the way, if these trends inspire you to come up with your own makeup line, be sure to check out

Say Yes to Always Looking Fabulous

Which makeup trends are you most excited to try? 

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