Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and supply chain problems, we have seen a massive rise in car prices over the past few years. This means that people who were hoping to trade up their old vehicles for shiny new ones will probably have to wait a little longer to get a new car.

In the meantime, it’s important that you keep your current car clean and well-maintained. When you make car washing mistakes, you fail to properly clean your car and can even make things worse.

Luckily for you, we’re here to walk you through common mistakes and how to avoid them. So keep on reading to learn more!

1. Using Degreaser or Dish Soap

You might think that you’re saving money by using the dish soap that you have in your kitchen to clean your car. However, when you use dish soap, you might strip off your car’s protective wax coating.

Without the wax, your car’s body will be left vulnerable to forces like salt, dirt, and sunlight.

When you wash your car, you want to use soap that is specifically designed for cars. This kind of soap has a formula that is meant to clean the paint without ruining the wax. 

2. Using Paper Towel or a Dirty Rag

Never wipe your car down with a paper towel. Paper towels are rough and will scratch up the paint.

You also never want to use a dirty towel or rag. Doing this will just make your car dirtier. Use a soft car drying cloth.

Also, you never want to wash your car with a t-shirt. A t-shirt might have ink on it that could smear on the car. 

3. Hand Washing

Performing your car washing routine with just a towel and some soap and water might sound nice but it won’t do a very thorough job. You’ll want to use foam cannon for pressure washer so that you can effectively clean your car.

Pressure washing can help you remove sticky substances like pollen, bugs, bird droppings, and tar. It’s also very effective at getting rid of debris that you can’t remove by hand.

4. Washing Your Car When It’s Hot Out

If your car has been parked out in the summer sun all day, it’s best to wait for things to cool down before you wash it. The heat could speed up the drying of the water and soap.

This will make it harder to properly wash your car. It can also increase the risk that spots or deposits will form on the car.

5. Letting Your Car Air Dry

After you spend all day making your car is properly washed, you don’t want to let it sit out and air dry. This can lead to watermarks that are left by minerals in hard water.

You want to dry your car with a soft and clean microfiber towel. Wipe your car down from side to side and not in circles.

Start Common Car Washing Mistakes Today

Washing your car is an important part of maintaining your vehicle and driving something that you can be proud of. But when you make these common car washing mistakes, you run the risk of making your car dirtier and even scratching the paint. Now, you should have the knowledge to 

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